Can Foreign Students be Admitted into the Nigerian Law School?

foreign student admission into nigeria law school

Is it Possible for Foreign students get admission into the Nigerian Law School?

Well, since starting this portal, questions about the Nigerian Law School usually pops up in our Support messages, and today, I want to address this one.

One of the more popular questions which we are always asked via our support email from users, is from students currently in foreign universities who are interested to know whether they can get into the Nigerian Law School with their foreign qualification. The answer is provided below.

It is important to know here, that before one can be accepted into the Bar 1 program of the Nigerian Law School (Bar 1 is compulsory for all foreign degree holders), the candidate must have a ‘Qualifying Degree Certificate’.

What is a Qualifiying Degree Certificate?

A Qualifying Degree Certificate is a Degree in Law or a Mixed Degree in Law of a University in a Common-Law Country whose course of study is approved by the Council of Legal Education. Candidates/applicants should know that in all cases, the Law subjects taken must include the following;

  • Law of Contract,
  • Law of Tort,
  • Constitutional Law,
  • Criminal Law,
  • Land Law,
  • Equity and Trusts,
  • Law of Evidence,
  • Commercial Law.

Take note that each of these subjects which are listed above must have been studied and passed as a separate subject by the candidate applying to study in the Nigerian Law School.

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The common law system is the system of jurisprudence, and this is based on the Doctrine of Judicial precedent. The Doctrine of the Judicial Precedent is the principle under which the lower courts must follow the decisions of the higher courts.

The common law legal system was first used and originated in England, which is the major reason why the “Common Law Legal System” is generally referred to as the English Common Law. Most countries which were under colonial control by the British empire in the past before gaining their independence have common law systems because that is the legal system which was introduced and was used to dispense justice in those countries before their independence.

This is the major reason why a higher percentage of commonwealth countries therefore are common law countries.


Please, it is very important here to note that this information is subject to change anytime, but we promise to keep this page updated with the latest information.

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