is it Possible to Lose My Permanent Resident (PR) Status in Canada?

I came across this question today asked by our reader on this page, Canada Student Summer Jobs 2023, saying “Can You Lose Your Permanent Resident (PR) Status in Canada?” Instead of answering that, I’ve decided to use this opportunity, to write on potential dangers and how you can easily lose your Permanent Resident (PR) status in Canada.

What is a Permanent Resident (PR) Status?

A Canadian Permanent Resident(PR)  status aids migrates into settling in Canada and gives them the opportunities and access to enjoy the benefits of being a Canadian citizen.

Don’t be carried away by the PR status, because an individual given the PR status might lose his or her permanent residency in Canada for some reasons which I’ll outline below.


It is mandatory that Permanent residents (PR) of Canada carry and show their valid permanent resident card (PR card) or permanent resident travel document (PRTD) when boarding a flight to Canada, or travelling to Canada on any other commercial carrier. This is important so you can avoid issues with the officers at the Airport.

Can I Lose My Permanent Resident (PR) Status in Canada?

YES! It is possible to lose your PR status for various obvious reasons, like committing crimes, frauds, and other not-so-obvious reasons.

Here are viable reasons How you can easily lose your permanent residency card in Canada.

Reasons You Can Lose Your PR Status.

1. One of the many reasons is this. If an individual gets Canadian citizenship, there’s no need for Permanent Resident status anymore. This is actually good news.

2. Residents who are convicted and caught violating the mandated permanent residency obligations, a compulsory stay in Canada of 730 days (2 years) out of every five years. It is crucial for all PR holders not to forget to apply for the Permanent Residence Travel Document or PTRD in case they leave the country within this period.

Certain Exceptions and Exemptions:

  • If you are being sent to other parts of the world by a Canadian employer or the “federal public administration/public service of a province”, your PR status will be intact and protected.
  • If you’re living outside Canada, but staying/living with a Canadian citizen who is related to you, either through blood or marital status.
  • If you fall under the rules coming under the “other means of compliance”
Canada Permanent Resident Status

Can i lose my Canada Permanent Resident Status?

  1. Likewise, you can be declared inadmissible due to security issues, and this can make you loses your PR status due to a removal order. This is reason enough to be removed through an inquiry or if your permanent resident travel document (PRTD) gets refused.
  2. If you are released from the protection of the Refugee Protection Act.

These are viable reasons why the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) relaxes the act:

  • On having acquired their nationality or some other new nationality.
  • On re-establishing in the country that they left for Canada.
  • Having got rid of the reasons that made them eligible for protection.

When Happens When My PR Status is Removed?

If your permanent resident status is revoked/removed, the Canadian government gives you the opportunity to continue holding the status of a temporary resident of Canada for the next 182 days (six months).

If your PR status is removed, it is compulsory that you are present on the day when the government will approve your application for Temporary residence.

Take note that you CANNOT receive the temporary status if you give it up at the Canadian port of entry. 

What to Do After Losing PR Status?

Individuals can not lose their permanent resident status through expiration, rather, it could be lost through an official procedure.

The first thing to do after losing your PR status is to immediately apply for temporary citizen status to continue living in Canada. However, there are various ways of regaining your permanent residence status once you lose it.

Here are some viable methods of regaining your PR Status:

  • The first step to regaining your PR status is knowing why it was revoked in the first place. Start by enquiring into the problems as to why it was taken. Look into the inadmissibility problem. Sometimes, it may be related to a criminal offence or another issue that caused the release of the official order, and then try resolving the “Inadmissible problem”.
  • Once you discover the reason why your PR status was revoked, the next step is to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) to regain your status as a permanent resident.
  • Another option is through Humanitarian consideration. However, tolling through this pathway, it is mandatory that you fill in the H&C request even if you do not confirm the obligations during filling PRTD or at an IAD hearing. However, this becomes applicable only in certain situations and honestly, is quite complicated. You may require professional help, if you plan on using this means.
  • Finally, my most recommendable option is Applying for immigration to Canada overall again. You can do this by using the spousal sponsorship or some other form, like economic immigration, of the student permit.

Wrapping Things Up.

The most viable method of getting your PR status back is to first determine the reason why you lost your permanent residence status in the first place.

If this is too complicated for you, or you’re too busy to go through the options shared above to regain your Canadian PR status, I’ll recommend you go to an immigration lawyer to better understand your situation and solve the problems.

Finally, I’ll say that it is very rare to see individuals lose their permanent residence, except in extreme cases, and revival of it is not much difficult either, depending on what happened. Good luck.

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