NECO Moves To Restraint Exams Malpractice

West African Examinations Council (WAEC)

The Registrar of the National Examinations Council, Mr. Promise Okpala, had on Sunday, disclosed to the Dailyschoolnews Nigeria correspondent, that the examination board has taken steps to safeguard the credibility of its certificate.

Mr. Okpala made this information public while in Abuja.

Mr. Okpala also disclosed that the management board has put in place new strategies, including checks and balances to tackle fraud associated with the sensitive materials such as questions papers by her candidates which has been going on for several years.


According to Okpala, who said and we quote him directly: “It reduces the value attached to our certificates and so we make efforts to ensure that area is effectively checked.

“We are giving our staff the orientation that there are no go areas and when you misbehave, believe me there is no amount of begging that can let you off the hook.

“There is also no amount of intervention from any quarters that can make us go back on our decision, our members of staff are fully aware of this,’’ he said.

He said fraudulent activities by members of staff are low in view of many other disciplinary measures introduced by the council.

The registrar said the council is plugging every loophole to ensure the attainment of global standards.

“Our biggest battle still remains localised leakage in examination centres, but we have put in place machinery that ensures we are always a step ahead of them.

“We are dealing decisively with localised fraud which is what is required to practically eliminate high-scale fraud.
“We are advising Nigerians not to fall into the traps of those that may claim to be in possession of our materials such as question papers before examinations.
“They are swindlers who are taking advantage of desperate people,” he said.

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