Canada adds Two African Countries to visa-free Travel List 2023

Latest report reaching us today is that the Canadian government has announced visa-free travel for visitors from 13 different countries across Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

Why we’re updating this post today, is because Africa’s biggest nation, Nigeria, is not added to this list.

Sean Fraser, the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship disclosed this in a statement released, saying that the visa-free travel is extended to the following countries listed below:

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  1. Antigua and Barbuda,
  2. St Lucia,
  3. Trinidad and Tobago,
  4. St Kitts-Nevis,
  5. Panama, Argentina,
  6. Costa Rica,
  7. Uruguay,
  8. Morocco,
  9. Seychelles,
  10. St. Vincent and the Grenadines,
  11. Thailand,
  12. The Philippines.

While North Africa’s Morocco and East Africa’s Seychelles joined the list, Nigeria the most populous African nation didn’t make the cut. Speaking on this updated list of visa-free nations, the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship disclosed and I quote below:

“An expansion of the electronic travel authorization better known as the eTA programs makes it easier for “known travellers” from those countries to come here for fun and business”

Fraser further disclosed that the expansion not only enhances convenience for travellers, but will also increase travel, tourism and economic benefits enjoyed by Canada, and her citizens. Plus, it will strengthen global bonds with the 13 countries given the free visa.

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“The known travellers from these countries can save a lot of money as a result of the visa exemptions.”

As known publicly, a visitor visa currently costs $100 per person and $500 for a family of five or more who plans to visit or live in Canada. However, an eTA only costs seven dollars ($7) per person and is valid for as long as five years.

According to the Canadian government, the introduction of visa-free air travel will make it faster, easier, and even affordable for thousands of travellers to visit Canada for up to six months for either business or leisure.

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