How to Make A1+ in Waec Examination! Works for Nigerian, Ghana and Zambia Students

There’s one thing that’s certain, and it is that we all love success and want to be among the best in everything we do, especially writing Examinations, and this includes getting the best result. I want to share with you, short but powerful tips on how to make A1+ in all your Waec subjects.

Yes, it’s possible. I mean making A1+ in all the Waec subjects you will be sitting down for. It certainly will be a dream come true, right?

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So let’s go. I will be sharing this method with you, which will guide you and clear the path for you so that making A1+ in the year’s Waec 2024 Examination will be easier for you.

make A1+ in Waec

The Truth is that making this huge success in WAEC is an easy task, considering the fact that the WAEC result will soon be out, and that is where your hard work will come to public display.

However, the biggest question most students are asking themselves is,

how do I make A1 in all my subjects in the current Waec 2024 exams?

Since we’ve been receiving several comments regarding the above questions, here are the top 5 Actions you must take in order to make a nice result in the forthcoming Waec 2024 Examination.

1. Reading all Waec Past Questions.
2. Reading Your Senior Secondary School (Ss1) and Junior Secondary School 3 (Jss3) Notes.
3. Reading Educative recommended textbooks like ababio, etc
4. Going for Evening Lectures.
5. Reading in the Night.

As we know, the English language normally takes a lot of time more than any other subject, when participating in the Waec or JAMB examination.

For example, in Waec, the English language has 3 sections, which comprises of the following:

  1. Comprehensions and Summary.
  2. Objective.
  3. Oral English.

Do note that while writing Waec or Jamb, Here is some pieces of advice you should adhere to, if you want to score High.

Advice 1:

  • Do not Guess your Answer in Objectives.

Advice 2:

  • Always check out your work before you submit your paper.

Advice 3:

  • When answering a passage in subjects like the English Language (for WAEC students) or Use of English (for JAMBites), always read the passage two times before choosing your final answer.

Advice 4:

  • Please do try as much as you can to get the main points-names, which the passage is trying to pass across to you.

Advice 5:

  • Do note that before you start any Examination, always time yourself 30 minutes ahead of the examination due time. This will help you answer the questions before the Exam stopping time.

Advice 6:

  • Always be careful, if you do not know any answer, leave it blank and return to it later after you have tried your best to answer other questions.

Advice 7:

  • Don’t be worried if you did not finish answering the required questions, just ensure that you do your best and leave the rest to your God. And finally, ensure you answer all the questions in the examination hall for the questions that you are not 100% sure it’s the Answer.

The Person in charge of Marking the scripts most times dumps unreadable words.

Just like that?

Yes, I know you may be expecting something bigger, longer articles giving you guides on how to read, but not today. I just hit the nail right on the head.

One of the hidden secrets of passing and scoring high in every examination that comes your way is how well you have gone through the past questions and answers on the subject.

We’re advising you that for you to Make the WAEC 2024 examination and score A1, and above, you better start using the above 5 steps above.

We also advise you to hurry and get all the available waec past questions and start revising them.

It’s not easy to read, but know that for every success today, someone made a big sacrifice to see it come to pass. Are you prepared to make that sacrifice?

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