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Nigerian Universities Admission Seekers 2017

Hello there, this article today, is directed to all aspirants who are seeking for admission into their school of choice, but due to one issue or the other, their admission have been delay or they were not admitted, here’s some encouragement for you.

Once again, we discovered that people often get frustrated at the Country, Educational Sector, their school of Choice, Corruption and lastly, themselves when they are unable to secure admission into a tertiary institution.

The obstacle so many young people who are seeking for admission faced is getting admitted into their preferred institution. With sadness, we discovered that so many young, brilliant and intelligent Nigerians have lost hope and let go of their bright future, just because they were not admitted into their school of choice.

Admission into Nigerian Universities

However, one thing i want to make sure you are aware of, is that there is nothing that happens on this planet earth that has no reason or cause but we are all ignorant that we don’t bother to look out of the box and see other possibilities. WHY wait for that particular school to admit you, when there are several other Nigerian Federal and State Universities seeking students?

Have you ever thought about the National Open University of Nigeria?

A Little Inspirational Story

Here is my story which i would love to share with you, and i hope you grab something from my experience.

The spirit giving out admission to other Nigerians and especially my friends seems to elude me for no reasons, am not dumb or stupid. I tried every possible means to get admission into several Nigerian Universities but to no avail.

I seek for admission for two good years without getting it and my friends where already in school, some in their 100 and 200 levels and i felt like i was cursed. The truth is that most times, i felt bad but still continued striving and here I am, now a finalist and even thanking God I never gained admission earlier than I did, because my age did pave ways for me than others and i gained knowledge and connection now, because i became more confidence.

You need to be aware of this, YOU can’t run ahead of your destiny. All you need to do is never to give up. Winners never quit and vice versa, quitters never win.

Please take note that if you make other peoples life your standard, you will end up disturbing yourself unnecessarily and impacting your life negatively, don’t measure your success with others.

Please take note that if “A” gets admitted before “B” does not mean “A” will make it before “B”, it is not how fast but how well it is.

Do share this information with your friends and i hope someone get inspires today!

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Glory Joseph

A graduate of Medicine From Imsu, Current Nurse, Medical book reader, Nigeria tertiary institution news anchor. I virtually know all Varsities in Nigeria!

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