Four Undergraduates of the University of Benin Lose Their Life in Cult War

Sad news indeed, but before we proceed, we will love to share this wise saying:
A fly that refuse to hear will follow the corpse to the grave.

We have just received a confirmed information, that four students of the University of Benin, popularly known as UNIBEN, have been reportedly killed in a renewed cult clash between two rival cult groups in the school.

Right now, and as at the time of writing this article, it could not be ascertained what led to the recent killings between the two cults.
However, News reaching us from a reliable source said that the two of the victims were at Osasogie Street close to the University of Benin main campus which is situated at Ugbowo, along the Benin-Lagos express road. uniben main gate.

The information sent to us says that several gunshots were fired in other areas around the campus including including in the staff quarters.
Apparently in reprisal attacks, another two students were shot inside the university campus where students queued for biometric registration at the university sports complex.

According to an eye witness who shared this information with us on google + social network, one of the victims is a 200-level Mathematics student and simply identified as Snazzy was shot in the neck.

The eyewitness also said that the attackers reportedly dropped their guns and escaped in the ensuing stampede.

Question going through my mind here is this:
Why do students join cult?
What will they gain?
How many times have they heard or read of what comes out of occultism?

This question and so many others run through my mind, and if this cultist are asked this same questions, they’ll response that they just want to belong,
some did join due to peer pressure (but it’s not an excuse!).

Here is one thing most cultist don’t know and which the head at the cults refuse to tell them.
When you have join and belong to a Cult, you have sold your soul to the devil!
And as we all know, CULT is about wickedness, revenge, and the wicked have no peace- those in cult are always looking at their back when they are eating, inside the lecture hall, sleeping, playing, writing examination.
They’re simply NEVER at peace!!!.
They even see a Goat eating grass nearby as an enemy or a trap.

are you doubting me, then ask those who are in cult.

Please and PLEASE!!!!
Parents/guardians/brothers and sisters/friends advice your kids/wards/friend not to join Cult, and we’re advising all students to say no to Cultism in Nigeria Universities and Polytechnics!

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And through this article, they’ll think twice!

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