Care Home Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2023 – Workers Urgently Needed

There’s a rush for Care Home Assistants in the UK this 2023, the UK government and NHS have shared various vacancies for Care Home Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship.

Of course, I have seen proof that the Care Home Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship for foreign nationals. I know a man in our church whose wife went to the UK as a Home Care Assistant and later applied for a visa for her husband and kids, and in less than 6 months, the entire family is living in the UK right now.

Within the past few hours, I have come across hundreds of vacancies for Home Care Assistants urgently needed in the UK, with some even going as far as offering work visa sponsorship. This is an incredible job offer I won’t want you to miss.


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Host Country: UNITED KINGDOM (UK).


Program Overview.

There are various job vacancies and opportunities waiting for foreign nationals who are interested in working as Home Care Assistant providers. The client should be a home care provider who specialises in providing personal care and home care support services.

Before applying for these available vacancies in the UK, it’s important to know what you’re applying for. First, what constitutes a Home Care Assistant?

Home Care Jobs in the UK With Visa Sponsorship 2023 has officially been opened by the United Kingdom to Foreign nationals seeking job employment in the UK.

Applicants with a Nursing Degree, Diploma, or any other degree with Care Home Job experience, even applicants without experience are all welcome and qualified to apply for these Domiciliary & Care home organization Jobs in the United Kingdom.

The good news about this job is that your country of origin cannot stop you from getting employed. The UK government clearly disclosed that there is No Nationality restriction.

What is Care Home?

Care Homes or Home Care is a job that provides Accommodation and Personal Care for People who Need Extra support in their day-to-day (everyday) life activities. Especially old people or people who are differently-abled.

What are the Job Duties of Care Home Workers?

Providing assistance with personal care, including showering and dressing, helping people to eat and drink, and supporting people with their shopping, buying groceries, etc.

Care Home workers are professionally known as Care Assistants. A Care assistant is someone that assists another person in order to develop their capabilities, or their ability to continue the aspects of their lives that they value.

The higher the list of things you’re required to do, the higher the pay.

This job is open for both genders, Males and Females are qualified to apply for these positions. Working as a Care Home assistant, you are limited to these three (3) options:

  1. Either you can choose to work with an organization,
  2. Home-based Care worker,
  3. Live in Carer worker.

Importance of Care Home Jobs for Foreign Nationals.

Care Home is different from Nursing Home, don’t confuse both together. Home Care Jobs are among the best jobs for Foreign Nationals eager to live in the United Kingdom, and this job favours Female workers more than their male counterparts.

A lot of Agents are charging huge sums of money for these jobs since Home care providers will always be needed. However, you can directly apply to these sponsored companies without paying any Agent a huge amount of money.

This Job will give you ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain, and you can use the ILR to settle and start working in the UK. The ILR is also known as “Settlement to stay in the UK”).

Home Care Job Salaries in the UK.

Before applying for any job that isn’t in your home country, it is recommended to know the minimum and maximum working hours and the salary structure of that particular job.

As a Home Care provider in the UK, you can work up to 40 Hours a Week. The minimum pay is £10.0 Pound Per Hour. While the average Initial Salary of a Care worker is £23,600. This Occupation is on the UK Shortage List.

A shortage List means that more people are needed in that particular profession. In this case, Home Care workers. This means that the UK is experiencing a shortage of Care Home providers.

This explains why they are inviting foreign nationals who are willing to fulfil the requirements for this Job and are sponsoring their visa. After 1 year of gaining experience, you can switch to another senior position. The State of the Adult Social Care Sector and Workforce in England report as of 2021, that there are around 105,000 caregiver vacancies advertised.

Different Types of Support Workers.

  • Care Assistant.
  • Carer.
  • Care worker.
  • Domiciliary carer.
  • Personal assistant.

Skill Requirements of Home Care Assitant.

  • Well Trained.
  • Have Empathy Toward the Aged Person.
  • Confident Enough to handle all the situation.
  • Reliable.
  • Flexible Job.
  • Must have Friendly Nature.

List of Care Home Sponsorship Companies.

Medacs Healthcare.

First on this list of Home care companies offering sponsorship is Medacs Healthcare. Medacs Healthcare is one of the UK’s leading international healthcare staffing agencies.

This company have helped to relocate thousands of international doctors, nurses, and other health professionals into permanent roles with NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers. They have a great relationship with the UK immigration office.


  • Preventing loneliness and isolation of people in need of care providers/assistants.
  • Promoting dignity and independence.
  • Encouragement at mealtimes.
  • Gentle persuasions towards better health, these task includes taking medication, gentle exercise, and drinking fluids.
  • Listening, understanding and interacting.
  • Guidance for staying safe, keeping warm or cool in changing climates.

To commence your registration and see other requirements to start working as a Home Care Assistant in the UK, visit their official site Here:

Top Recruiting Agency in the UK.

Rather than reviewing each of these UK top Recruiting agencies tasked with the job of hiring foreign nationals for care home jobs in the UK, let me List them here.

  • MMA Healthcare International Recruitment.
  • Skilled Healthcare International Limited.
  • Mylocum Healthcare Recruiters.
  • Cromwell Medical Staffing.
  • Calvary Healthcare.
  • Medacs Healthcare.
  • Mayday Healthcare.
  • Daytime Healthcare.
  • Bluerock Healthcare.
  • Thornbury Nursing.
  • Your world Healthcare.
  • Cpl UK.
  • Medical Staffing Ltd.
  • MSI Group.
  • Direct Healthcare 24.
  • Artemis Recruitment.
  • Staff Giant.
  • Pearls Recruitment.

The National Health Service Jobs (NHS).

If you’re planning to move to the UK and work in the country’s health sector, you should know about the NHS. The NHS do advertise every month on the NHS Jobs website, about 25,000 Vacancies in more than 350 different careers.

It’s left for you to make the final decision whether you want to work directly with patients, or behind the scenes because there certainly will be a job that suits you.

UK Government-Sponsored Jobs.

If this is your first time searching for job vacancies for foreign nationals in the UK, I’ll recommend you check out the official UK Govt website at:

This UK government job platform shares thousands of available job opportunities for Foreign nationals, including job openings that come with Visa sponsorship.

Nouveau Care.

Another reputable recruitment agency for Healthcare service providers in the UK for foreign nationals is Nouveau Care.

Nouveau Care has been providing quality home care in Norwich since 2015. This company are accredited by Norfolk County Council and the NHS to provide Norwich home care services, meaning you’re in safe hands.

Nouveau Care specializes in domiciliary care or home care services, and provides live-in care, sits and staffing in Norwich & Norfolk.

Types of Work.

  • Reliable Home Care in Norwich.
  • Hourly Home Visits.
  • Live-In Care.
  • Day & Night Sits.
  • Welfare Checks.
  • Trusted by Local Authority.
  • Accredited NHS Care Provider.

Visit Here:

Final Conclusion on Home Care Assistant Jobs in the UK.

Been able to provide exceptional care and the ability and willingness to go beyond the expected, listening, understanding, and responding to what people really need. Take note that a tier 2 certificate will be provided after a successful evaluation by the client.

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