No IELTS Required – Get Fully Funded Kuwait Scholarships for 2023/2024 Session

One of the world’s richest countries, Kuwait, is offering a fully funded scholarship for the 2023/2024 session to all eligible candidates. If you are interested in studying in Kuwait, then this article is for you.

Using this medium, the Kuwait government is inviting all eligible students willing to pursue higher educational learnings, to apply for Fully Funded Kuwait Scholarships (Without IELTS) for 2023/2024.

It is important to note here that the fully funded Kuwait scholarship permits eligible candidates the ability to enrol in Bachelor, Master’s, and PhD-level programs in any subject area offered by Kuwaiti universities.

The Kuwait government has not announced this 2023 scholarship deadline.

2023 Kuwait Fully-Funded Scholarship Info.

Unlike most European countries where it is mandatory to pass the IELT, countries like Kuwait do not have such requirements. Eligible candidates willing to study in Kuwait can apply for this scholarship right now.

Take note that the Kuwait government, in agreement with Kuwait Universities, are currently accepting applications from foreign students who are interested in the 2023–24 Kuwait Scholarships, where admission is offered without IELTS.

Take note that there are various fully funded scholarships available from the Kuwaiti government for both undergraduate, master’s and PhD degree programs at numerous Kuwaiti universities.

Take note that these scholarships are available for this current academic session, the 2023/2024 session. This fully-funded Kuwait Scholarship is managed by the Kuwaiti Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education.

If you are not aware, this country holds the record as having the strongest currency. The Kuwaiti dinar is known as the world’s strongest currency, clearly showing how stable the nation’s economy is and its massive wealth in Oil and Gas.

When it comes to Education, the Kuwait government is trying, and initiatives like these scholarships will likely help them be among the best when it comes to Education.

Are you aware that Kuwait is placed at 51 out of 125 nations in terms of education? This information is confirmed by All Development Index (EDI). This placement shows that the country is gradually, but certainly making the right moves and offering high-quality instruction.

Kuwaiti universities provide a vast variety of academic courses and degrees, giving students a wide range of study opportunities. One of the top universities in Kuwait, publicly known as Kuwait University, is respected and known for its academic brilliance and prowess.

Aside from Kuwait University, there are other good and well-respected academic institutions (universities) that provide students with numerous and glamorous scholarship programmes, inviting international students on an annual basis. One reason why the Kuwait Scholarship Scheme has been successful all these years is mainly because the Kuwaiti government is committed to supporting education.

A notable number of fully-funded scholarships are open for international students from any part of the world from other Arab nations. Some of these fully funded scholarship opportunities are mentioned below. But this page is focused mainly on Kuwait scholarships for 2023/2024.

1 . Kuwaiti Government Awards:

This scholarship is been awarded by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Private Education:

These government scholarships are completely supported, and all students who are interested in schooling in Kuwait are eligible to apply, including both citizens and non-citizens of Kuwait, and diploma students.

College Degree:

  • The Bachelor’s
  • The Master’s
  • PhD.

International students who wins the Kuwait scholarship will be receiving financial assistance from the Kuwait Ministry of Private Education Scholarships. Aside from the Scholarship program that allows you to study at a top Kuwait university, you’ll also be receiving the following financial assistance. Including:

  • Fees and tuition.
  • Books.
  • Monthly allowances.
  • Flights.
  • Writing instruments, including other associated expenses not listed here.

2 . Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) Awards:

The Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship Program (WMI) is another amazing scholarship scheme that is geared towards providing financial aid to support bright people from underdeveloped countries. This scholarship is not open to people from top-tier countries.

  • College Degree:
  • The Bachelor’s
  • The Master’s
  • Ph.D.

The Financial Protection:

The Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship Program (WMI) have disclosed that aside from providing scholarship to bright eligible students from under-developed countries, they’ll also be awarding scholarship winners annual awards of up to USD $3,000 each.

The costs covered by this funding include the following listed below:

  • Fees and tuition.
  • Books.
  • Monthly allowances.
  • Writing instruments and other associated expenses that come with schooling in Kuwait.

3 . International Berrows Scholarship Program:

Another available scholarship program for people who are interested in studying in Kuwait is the Berrows International Scholarship Program (BISPT).

The BISPT scholarship program offers cash assistance to talented students all around the world so they can pursue education at different levels. This scholarship is open to everyone who is interested in studying in Kuwait.

College Degree:

  • High School.
  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Master’s Degree.
  • Ph.D.

It is important to note here, that these are fully funded Kuwait scholarships (that do not require an IELTS). This is the current Kuwait scholarship program available for 2023/2024 to students wishing to enrol in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs at any Kuwaiti university of their choice.

Scholarship Courses Requirements.

The Kuwait government has clearly stated that all international students are welcome to apply for any course offered by Kuwait University.

Nationalities that Qualify: The Kuwait scholarship program is open to all nationalities of overseas students.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements.

Listing each of the Kuwait university qualification requirements here is different because each scholarship is unique.

CLICK HERE to visit the Kuwaiti Scholarship portal.

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