Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023 (Job Opportunities for Foreign Nationals) – 2023

This page will be providing you with every single detail and resource to know everything there is, to the Italy Seasonal work visa for 2023. The Italy Seasonal Work Visa has a duration of nine (9) months, allowing applicants from European Union (EU) countries, and Non-EU countries to work in Italy in the agriculture and tourism-hotel sectors.

The Italy work Visa runs on a Quota system that is defined and controlled by the government. According to the government immigration plan for the year 2023, the government of Italy will be granting a total of 82,705 work permits to non-EU countries under the Decreto Flussi 2023. While a total of forty-four (44,000) visas are set for Seasonal Jobs in Italy.

What is Decreto Flusi?

The Decreto Flusi is an Italian Government program that controls the number of foreign nationals allowed into the country for that particular year.


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The Decreto flusi sets the number of work permits that will be issued to Non-European applicants to work in Italy. For any foreign national who is interested in seasonal job opportunities in Italy, then you should always apply early, because of the limited number of space per annum. The last date to apply for the Italian Seasonal Work Visa is 31st December 2023. You can find more details, information, procedures, and rights you can enjoy during your stay via the Italian seasonal work visa.

Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023 (For Non-EU) Overview.

  • Job Country: Italy.
  • Job type: Seasonal.
  • Available Visas: 44,000.
  • Visa Type: Seasonal Work Visa (D Type Long Term Visa).
  • Deadline: 31st December 2023.

What Type of Work Visa to Apply For?

When applying for the Italy seasonal work visa, take note that the portal for submission of applications is open till the 31st of December 2023.

Once you’ve applied for the visa, take note that you will be issued a Visa Type D, allowing you to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit in Italy.

Numerous Benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of the Italian seasonal work visa is that you can apply for renewal once it expires if you have a Job offer or currently working when it expires. There are other advantages associated with this seasonal visa, including:

  • Earning the Italian Minimum wage. Because you’re a foreign national does not mean you’ll be paid or earn lower. This visa allows you to earn the same hourly minimum wage as Italian nationals.
  • If your job offers paid vacation, you can claim it.
  • You will be given paid sick leave.
  • Health insurance
  • Housing: Some employers in Italy provide housing for seasonal workers.
  • Transportation: Some employers in Italy provide transportation for seasonal workers.

How Much is the Italy Seasonal Work Visa?

Visa Cost: €116. Let me break down how this particular work visa sums up to €116.

  • Residence Permits Cost: €40 for stays between 3 and 12 months
  • Administrative Costs: €30 for the sending of the postal kit.
  • €16 for the tax stamp.
  • €30.46 for issuance costs.

Processing Time.

Four (4) to six (6) weeks for the Italian immigration office to decide whether your visa application should be approved or rejected.

How to Apply for the Italy Seasonal Work Visa.

Carefully follow the guide outlined below, showing you how to apply and possibly get your visa application approved by the Italian government.

Like most countries in the European Union (EU), it is mandatory that you must first get a Valid Job offer from an Italian Employer. This comes first and without getting a job offer from an Italian company, or business, it is impossible to be given an Italian seasonal work visa.

Authorisation to Work: Foreign nationals who already have a job offer from an Italian company, business, corporation, etc, take note that you are not to submit the Application yourself. Your employer in Italy must submit an application for authorization to work at the One-Stop-Shop for Immigration in the Prefettura, where the job will take place.

Visa Application Decision: After your employer has submitted an application on your behave, the Italian Immigration office will inform the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your home country that you’ve been given authorization to work. You will be issued a work visa and given 180 days (six months) to collect and use when going to Italy.

Document Submission: After the Italian immigration office in Italy and your home country have given you, your seasonal work Visa. The next step is for you to submit all the required documents for the Italy D Type Long Term Visa through their official website, or you can choose to submit it in person at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

Residence Permit: This is the final stage, and you can only do this after arriving in Italy. Once you arrived in Italy, it is mandatory that you apply for a Residence Permit (RP) to the One-Stop-Shop for Immigration at the “Prefettura” of the competent province within eight days of arriving in the country.

Duration of Permits.

  • Authorization to Work: 9 Months
  • Visa Duration: 9 Months
  • Residence Permit: Issued for the duration and purpose indicated on the visa.

How to Find Seasonal Jobs in Italy?

If you do not have any job offer, as earlier disclosed, it is practically impossible to get the Italy Seasonal Work visa. However, you can actually see numerous job opportunities through these job boards.

  • EURES.
  • Infojobs.
  • Indeed Italia.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Glassdoor.
  • Monster.

Italy Seasonal Work Visa Requirements.

  • Valid Job offer before applying.
  • Your authorization to work must be approved by the Italian immigration office.
  • You must have to apply for a work Visa.
  • You should be a citizen of a Non-EU country.
  • You must have to apply before the deadline set by the Italian Government.
  • Valid passport.
  • No criminal record.
  • You must pay the Visa application fee and all other associated costs.

Final Conclusion.

The above requirement covers everything you need to know about the Italy season work visa for 2023. However, if you are interested in applying for other Italian visas, or want to learn more about Seasonal Work in Italy, you can visit the European Commission Website here –

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