Top 10 Best Countries for Work Permits Without a Job Offer For Foreigners in 2023

The list of top countries for foreign nationals seeking greener pastures, better life and job opportunities for themselves and their children are about 30+ and counting.

However, a high portion of these countries requires foreign nationals (also known as expatriates), to have a work permit before they can be allowed to work in their country. These countries include Canada, Germany, the UK, Qatar, and Kuwait, among a host of others.

One thing every migrant seeking greener pastures in European countries or countries with better job opportunities is this. Oftentimes, it is quite a difficult task to obtain a work visa in a foreign nation without first, getting a job offer from a reputable company that will stand as your sponsor.

The reason why some countries made it mandatory that foreign nationals coming to the country for work, needs a work permit is because of this: Work permits are attached to specific employment prospects.

However, there are a few countries with great opportunities for expatriates with various visa categories and programs that allow you to work and reside in the country without having a job offer. These countries give foreigners the following benefits listed below:

  • Little or No Tax Payment.
  • A guarantee of being financially stable even without a job offer.

These are our top Ten Countries where you can receive a Work permit without having a Job offer!

10 Best Countries for Work Permits Without a Job Offer!


While most of Germany’s visa requires that a company must offer you a job first before your work visa will be granted, there are few visa categories where foreigners can actually receive a work permit without having a job offer.

Germany’s workforce is made of 42 million people, which automatically makes it, Europe’s greatest pool of trained workers. However, its work market is multicultural and bilingual.

Over the years, the German government has proved to be one of the most welcoming countries for foreign nationals. One of Germany’s new immigration policies is called an ‘opportunity card’ (“chancen karte” in German). The opportunity card makes it a lot easier for foreign nationals to move to Germany and look for work even if they do not have any job offers.

Another good thing about this country’s immigration policy is that foreign nationals are allowed to apply for a Long-Stay Visa in Germany and work through the following:

  • Working Holiday Visa: One of the best German visas that grants foreign nationals the ability to enter Germany without a job offer is called a working holiday visa. This visa permits people from selected nations to work and travel in Germany, and they can stay for at least, 12 months. This working Holiday Visa is usually issued to young people whose countries have signed a Working Holiday Visa agreement with Germany.
  • Job Seeker Visa: The Job seeker visa allows all foreigners willing to move to Germany, a rare opportunity to actualize their dreams. The Job Seeker Visa permit foreigners to come to Germany and search for employment, rather than wait for companies in Germany to offer them jobs.
    However, people coming to Germany through the Job Seeker Visa route should note that they are allowed to stay a maximum of (6) six months, if they couldn’t get a job within this period, they need to leave the country.


Austria has a very similar immigration policy to that of Germany. The Austrian government introduced the Job Seeker Visa to foreigners who are willing to come to the country. Just like that of Germany, this particular visa allows foreigners to come and search for a job in Austria.

The good thing about this visa is that it enables foreign nationals who entered the country through this visa route, to stay in Austria without any job offer while they sort for employment or business they can start.


Surprised to see Canada on this list, right? Well, shocking, most people are not aware that the Canadian government has introduced a new immigration plan for foreign nationals willing to live and work in Canada, to achieve their dreams without getting a job offer first.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program permits young people from selected countries to work and vacation in Canada for up to 24 months (two years).

The Canadian visa that allows foreigners entry into the country without first getting a job offer is called Temporary Work Visa, and it’s amusing how easy the Canadian government made it to be. Although there are requirements you must meet before this visa can be granted to you.

You can apply to the Federal Express Entry System of Immigration and submit EOI (Expression of Interest). The Canadian immigration office has made it mandatory that applicants must score a minimum of 67 points to be in the system.

As per the latest trend, if your CRS score (point score based on age, education, experience, etc.) is between 450-500 points, you would get an invitation to apply for a PR visa in Canada. Take note that you must apply within 60 days, or your invitation will expire.

United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most popular countries in the world, mainly because they have one of the highest and strongest currencies in the world. The UAE is a well-known trading hub.

The UAE has made it easier for foreigners to obtain work visas. Unlike other countries where obtaining a working visa will take months, the UAE government has made it possible to finish the process in as little as 40 days. The majority of foreigners’ occupations are with “Free Zone” businesses. These have their headquarters in a free trade zone and pay minimal taxes.

Another method you can move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is through a Tourism visa. Holders of the UAE tourism visa are allowed to enter the UAE without a job offer.


Estonia is among the list of countries with one of the high acceptance rates for candidates applying for work visas.

Although it is rare to see the country with numerous requests like other countries like Germany, Italy, the USA, Canada, and the UK.

If you’re thinking of applying for a work visa where you will have a greater percentage of getting approved fast, I’ll recommend you try out the Estonia work visa. This country provides you with one of the best options for employment abroad.

Depending on the duration you want to stay and work in the country If your stay is short-term, I’ll recommend you apply for a D visa, and if you provided the few requirements, you should be rest-assured that the visa will be approved. as well as if you want to get started working right away and plan to apply for a residence permit once you are in Estonia.

The Estonian government has a webpage where you can search for available jobs for foreigners. Just visit Estonia’s government site, search for “Work in Estonia,” and you’ll see new job openings published daily.

Australia and New Zealand.

No doubt Australia and New Zealand have one of the best working conditions in the world. If you’re interested and willing to move to Australia or New Zealand, then you should apply for a “Working Holiday Visa”.

This particular visa, called the Working Holiday Visa enables citizens of specific nations to reside, work, and travel in these countries for up to 12 months. The only negative side of this visa, is its short duration for foreigners.

Foreigners are too focused on countries like Germany, the UK, Canada, the USA, etc to know that there are other amazing countries with lots of job opportunities and great minimum wages. One of the best things I love about Australia and New Zealand is this.

They are among the most accessible countries for foreign nationals applying for Temporary Work Visas. Australia and New Zealand provide free working vacation visas to travellers who are between 18 years old, and 30 years old.

American citizens that applied for a tourist visa to New Zealand are granted a 12-month tourist visa that will cost them $4,200 in cash plus a return flight (or proof of their intention to buy one).

While anyone applying for the Australian working holiday visa are mandated to work for only one employer for a maximum of six months. Foreign workers who came to Australia through a Working Holiday visa are allowed to extend their stay, depending on their abilities, and work skills.


Ireland grants European Union (EU) country citizens and a few other countries, a 12-month Working Holiday Visa that does not require you to have a job offer from a company licenced by the government.

Ireland’s working holiday visa shares a huge similarity to the working visa of Australia and New Zealand. Foreign nationals willing to live and work in Ireland are allowed to apply for a 12-month Working Holiday visa.

Unlike other countries where there are age limits placed on their temporary work visa or holiday work visas, the Ireland work holiday visa has no age requirements or limitations. Applicants interested in the Ireland working holiday visa must be in their undergraduate, postgraduate, or just graduated (within the past year) status.

If you are not a student or already graduated, you can still apply for Ireland’s General Work Permit. One of the most amazing reasons why Ireland remains among the best is they allow non-EU nationals to legally work and live in Ireland for up to two years with the help of a General Employment Permit.


Obtaining a Mexican working visa is not difficult compared to other countries or its neighbour, the United States of America. To get a Mexico working visa, you need to complete an interview at your home consulate before your request for a Mexico visa can be processed.

The Mexican government has made it crystal clear that all foreign employers must submit a letter of sponsorship to the immigration office. This process of submitting a letter of sponsorship is very simple if the company you work for has expertise in employing foreign staff.

However, if they don’t have any, I’ll recommend you consult a lawyer. This will ensure that everything is successful without any issues.

Once your temporary work visa is approved by the Mexico immigration office, you are allowed to bring your family along, however, there is no assurance that your spouse will receive a work permit. But be fully aware that your entire family must register with immigration within 30 days of your arrival.


Panama is one of the best countries where the world’s richest families and businesses have pushed their assets to. Panama’s government has succeeded in luring businesses from all over the world. There are available job opportunities for foreign nationals willing to live, work and get paid high minimum wages. The Panama government and people are very welcoming.

The reason why Panama is in need of foreign nationals willing to work is that most of the world’s largest multinational corporations in the world today have headquarters in the country.

Foreign nationals and investors can easily get a fast-tracked work permit and visa if they are from one of the Panama-friendly countries. These are countries that have a good relationship with the Panama government.

Panama provides business owners, especially online business owners the perfect opportunity because it is possible to work in the country without a work visa as long as your money is coming from sources outside of the country.

Panama offers foreigners a wide range of work visas that will certainly suit their needs. If you are an Italian, you may work in the country as long as you’d like, as long as your Italian National Work Permit is valid.

Foreign nationals are automatically eligible and qualified for a work visa if they choose to marry a Panamanian partner.

Workers with a bachelor’s or higher education degree are likewise eligible and qualified to apply for a Highly Skilled Worker Permit. This permit allows you to work in the country. However, the easiest permit in Panama is called the Friendly Nations Visa. Anyone can apply for the Friendly Nations Visa (sponsored). Your educational background is subject to a comprehensive inquiry from the immigration authorities.

Before your request for a Panama Friendly Nations Visa will be approved, the immigration office will require various documentation from your university proving that you graduated.


Last but not least on this list of countries where you can apply for a work permit with a job in Cambodia. Have you heard of Cambodia before?

Cambodia is one of the most exciting countries in the world, and some travel bloggers have tagged it as one of their favourite countries in the world. This country allows remote employment and freelancing for any person.

Foreign nationals can easily obtain the Cambodia Lengthy Business Visa without fulfilling the requirement for corporate sponsorship. Without a sponsor, the business visa can be extended indefinitely.

Other Work Permit Visa Free Countries.

South Korea: Expatriates willing to move, live and work in South Korea can apply for the South Korean Working Holiday Visa. This visa is given to citizens of specific nations allowing them to live, work, and travel in South Korea for up to a year.

Taiwan: Another amazing country that I think most people overlook, is Taiwan. Like South Korea, the Taiwanese government grants citizens from specific nations the Taiwan Working Holiday Visa, allowing them to work and travel in Taiwan for up to a year

Thailand: Citizens of specified countries are permitted to travel to Thailand and stay a short while there with a Thailand Tourist visa. However, if your country isn’t on this list, you can also apply directly for a Thailand visa, the process is not difficult compared to others.

Spain: European country citizens and a selected few country citizens are granted a Tourist visa – Work Permit, allowing them the ability to work and live in Spain for a short period of time. 6 Months – 12 months, depending on the type of visa you applied for.

France: One of the biggest countries in the world, France does offer the Working Holiday Visa to citizens of specific nations, which grants them the power to reside, work, and travel within France for up to a year.

Final Conclusion.

Wrapping these up, I’ll love to mention here that it is very important to note here that a high percentage of these programs often have specific qualifications and restrictions. Most of these programs are usually available to people between the ages of 18 and 30 years old.

Finally, when you decided to use any of these programs, you should be fully aware that these programs are more designed for short-term employment and travel than for long-term employment.

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