Education Nigeria: 2 Poly Lecturers Arrested For Taking Bribes

This issue is so sad, that i tagged it: education Nigeria?

Why would lecturers take money from students to upgrade their score???

This issue happened in Kwara State Polytechnics, and here is the full story.

2 lecturers of the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, have been arrested for allegedly collecting bribes to award marks to students of the academic institution.

The Kwara State Polytechnic governing body chairman, Professor Shehu Jimoh, who shared this news last weekend, said that the two lecturers have been engaging in the act for long before they were apprehended during an operation in conjunction with security men (i really love this).

According to Professor Shehu Jimoh, here is how he relate it:

“Two weeks ago, we arrested two of our lecturers for collecting money from students to mark their script. Marked notes were given to the lecturers by the students and the moment they received it, security men who were on alert stepped forward and arrested them. I am not ashamed of saying this”.

Speaking during the Ramadan lecture series organised by the Islamic Missionaries Association of Nigeria (IMAN) in Ilorin, Jimoh said the development underscored the pervasiveness of corruption in Nigeria.

and when you are talking of corruption in Nigeria,
we are not limiting it to financial corruption,
we are not limiting it to fraud, because things like embezzlement of public funds.

We are also extending it to moral corruption, spiritual corruption, judicial corruption;not just money alone.

What do you think of this??

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