Important Current Affairs You are to Know before Writing the JAMB CBT 2016 and Post UTME Exams

Some important current affairs you are to Know before sitting for the 2016/2017 Post UTME Examination.
It is not a myth anymore that The 2016/2017 Post utme Examination is by the corner as most tertiary institutions have started theirs.

However, it is very important to be knowledgeable with everything that will make the post utme examination go smoothly and easily for you.

As you are aware of now, the Post Utme exams do have current affair section where you are expected to answer the questions.

Here Are some important current affairs you must know before writing the Post UTME Screen Examination.

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The coat of arm of Nigeria has a black shield with two white stripes that come together, like the letter ‘Y’.

This ‘Y’ SYMBOL represent the two main rivers flowing through Nigeria:
which are the two popular rivers known as:
River Niger and River Benue.

The black shield represent Nigeria’s good earth.
While the two horses on each sides of the coat of arm represent dignity.

The eagle represent Strenght, while the green and white bands on the top of the shied represent the rich Agricultural land of the country.

While the yellow flower at the base of the Coat of arm are Costus spectabilis, which is Nigeria’s national flower.

The flag of Nigeria was designed in 1959 and first officially hosted on 1st October 1960.(which is Nigeria National Independent Day)

The green bands represent the forests and abundant natural wealth of Nigeria while the White band stands for peace.
However, what you should know is that, the designer of the flag was a student from IBADAN, Micheal Taiwo Akinkunmi.


Nigeria is a country which has the highest population in Africa continent.
Which is proved by the 21st to 25th March, 2006 population census.

Nigeria’s population was estimated to be about 140,000,000 people.(One hundred and forty Million)

Nigeria, which is officially known as The Federal Republic of Nigeria, stands as a boarder,
Benin Republic on the west,
Cameroon on the east,
Gulf of Guinea on the south,
Niger to the north.

Currently, Nigeria is made up of 36 STATES and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
With 109 senatorial districts,
360 federal constituencies,
990 state constituencies,
774 local governments,
8810 wards.

This are the names of Nigeria former colonial masters.
They are,
Sir Frederick Lord Lugard,
who ruled from 1900 to 1919.

Sir Hugh Clifford,
Who ruled from 1919 to 1925.

Sir Creamer Thompson,
who ruled from 1925 to 1931.

Sir Donald Cameroon,
who ruled from 1931 to 1935.

Sir Bernard Bourdilion.
who ruled from 1935 to 1943.

Sir Anthony Richard.
Who ruled from 1943to 1948.

Sir John McPherson.
Who ruled from 1948 to 1958.

Sir James Robertson.
Who ruled from 1958 to 1960.

The Nigeria first indigenous Governor General and also the first Ceremonial President is:
Dr Nnamdi Azikwe.

The first prime minister in Nigeria is:
Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

The first millitary head of state in Nigeria is:
General Aguiyi Ironsi.

The first executive President of Nigeria is:
Alhaji Shehu Shagari.

The first military president in Nigeria is:
General Ibrahim Babangida.

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