486 Suspected Boko Haram Members Arrested In Abia State

The issue of Boko haram and their tactics is something we as Nigerians need to be aware of and report any issues/movement we find suspicious.
According to a call received by our correspondent, where the caller disclosed to us, that a group of 486 Nigerians travelling in 35 buses from the North to Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, were held by the military in Abia State.
What made the movement suspicious is that the suspects were stopped at about 2.00a.m yesterday between Arungwa Junction on the Enugu, Port Harcourt Expressway and Imo Gate, which is located between the Abia/Rivers boundary. However, when their buses were stopped by the Nigerian Army, two of the buses managed to slipped away, and trying to secure the others, the Army could not chase after the two buses.

We were informed that the men, who were aged between 16 years and 60, have been detained by the military at the 144 Battalion of Asa, near Aba, Abia State.

According to the Abia State Commissioner for Information Eze Chikamayo, accompanied by Commander of the 144 Battalion, Lt.-Col. Rasheed Omolori, paraded the suspects before reporters yesterday, where their photo was taken.
According to the Lt.-Col. Omolori, who disclosed and said that a report had been sent to the army headquarters in Abuja.
Col. Omolori however declined further comments on the arrest, saying any further information should be from his bosses at the Army headquarters.

Although, the commissioner did say that the suspects were moving in a motorcade of 35 Toyota Haice buses [Hummer buses] when they were intercepted; adding that two buses escaped before they could be stopped.

Recently, Nigerians got the information that the insurgency, Boko Haram have more than 200 Toyota Haice buses under their command.
However, Chikamnayo further explained that preliminary investigations by the army showed that the suspects, aged from 16 years and above, were travelling from Kano, Taraba and Jigawa states together to come to Rivers State and Abia State.

He said further investigation would help to unravel the true mission of the suspects who, he said, claimed to be travelling to Port Harcourt to look for jobs and wondered how such a large number of youths could be travelling in search of job the same time and under the same type of vehicle without any official logo on the buses.

The Abia state commissioner said that the movement was suspicious, wondering how the long motorcade could have travelled the long distance from the north to the east before being apprehended.
He commended the army and other security agencies for being alive to their responsibility and urged their counterparts in other states to rise to the challenge, in view of the spate of insecurity in the country.

Some of the vehicles registration numbers’are: Jigawa RNG 98XA; Osun RLG 176XA; Kano AF 411 DAL; Lagos BDG 487 XK; Abuja EP 86 ABC and Bauchi ZAK 48 XA. The buses were impounded.

It’s also important that you should note and report all unusual movement to the Police force in your area. Do share this information by using the share link below to get your friends alert and informed!

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