Unilag Lecturer Ràpes 18 Year Old Female Seeking Admission

Written by Glory Joseph

We’ve just confirmed this despicable news that a lecturer of the University of Lagos (unilag) ràpè an 18 year-old female who came seeking admission in the academic institution.

According to information reaching our news desk today, the lecturer in question is currently a part-time lecturer at the University of Lagos, named Akoka, Afeez Baruwa, and has been arrested by the police in Lagos for allegedly ràping an 18-year-old girl, who is identified as Caroline (Decides not to mention her real name).

It was learnt that the victim, who was reportedly raped inside a study room, was seeking admission into the University.

Lecturer Baruwa who was arrested by the Surulere Police Division on Monday, the 3rd of August disclosed to police officers after he was arrested, when making statement, said that the sexual intercourse was by mutual consent, insisting that he did not rapê the 18 year old, but she agreed to the act.

The female who we named “Caroline” got to know the Unilag part-time lecturer through her father, mainly because the lecturer and her dad belonged to the same landlords’ association in the Abesan, Ipaja area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

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It was gathered that the victim’s father had allowed her daughter to follow the lecturer on July 23, to UNILAG for an admission process, believing that the man is a well respected man.

According to reports reaching our news platform, The Lecturer, Baruwa allegedly took the girl inside one of the study halls, bolted the door, and ràpèd her several times.

After the incident, the victim returned home and told her parents about the rape, and taking fast decision, her parent rushed her to a non-governmental organisation, Mirabel Centre, where she was tested and the medical result reportedly confirmed that the teenager had been ràpêd.

After the confirmation, Caroline was taken to the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender, where the matter was reported at the police station. Baruwa was subsequently arrested by the Lagos State Police.

A police source in Surulere said this and we quote him below:

“The suspect is actually a friend of the father of the victim which we’ve already confirmed. The girl in question had written the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, and she needed assistance with the post-UTME registration and is seeking for admission into the school, believing that this lecturer is helping her push through with her admission.

“So, the father sent her to meet and discuss with the lecturer.

“But, it turned out that on July 23 when the girl visited the suspect, he ràped the girl in the study room.

“The suspect confessed to the act, but his claim is that the sex was by mutual consent, saying that it was an agreement between him and the 18 year old girl.”

Putting her foot on the ground and ensuring that this issue does not rise up again, the Director of the Office of the Public Defender, Mrs. Omotola Rotimi, said the OPD will be writing a letter to the UNILAG VC on the incident, so as to make sure that this incident does not happen again.

Here’s what she said and we quote below:

“The girl’s dad has really wanted his lecturer friend who he met through their Landlord association, to assist his daughter’s admission bid for the 2015 academic session.

So on that day, the girl left with the lecturer as early as 5.30am in the morning, and they got to the school two hours later.

“No one had arrived at the hall except a woman. While the exams had yet to start, he ràped her. She went home, and the father found out that her daughter had been raped. He took her to the Mirabel Centre, which then informed the OPD.

“The centre also contacted the police at the Surulere and Isokoko divisions, and the suspect was arrested.

“We are going to defend the girl, and we are writing the VC. The part time lecturer disclosed that he is in the Department of Accounting. He claimed the sëx was consensual, but that is not a defence and we’re suing him for damage.”

The Lecturer, Baruwa, who is currently resting his soon to be shattered life in custody, will be charged to court on Thursday, the 6th of August.

“The lecturer disclosed to Police officers through his statement that he is a part-time lecturer, but not an employee of the University of Lagos.

“He has confessed to the crime and the medical result proved same.”

We hope that if he truly did this, he should suffer the full penalty, Girls are to be Respected, not abused.

Please share this information with your friends, so unsuspecting Parents and young ladies should be aware of incidents like this.


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