Sam alert as scammers produced Federal Polytechnic Nekede Fake Admission List.

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This is another shot of scammers at frauding Nigerians students of their hard earned money. Please click the read more button below, read and share it with your friends to avoid them. A problem shared is halfe solved. Help some one today.

Recently, NigeriaOpenUniversity reliable Source in Nekede polytechnic, noticed that some admission cheap fraudsters had infiltrated the admission lists of Nekede polytechnic, which has been pasted in some popular parts of the school premises.

These cheap scammers had added names of aspirants which were not originally were not admitted.

dailyschoolnews wish to alert every new student of nekede Polytechnic who have seen his/her admission status paste in the school public board, to go the extra miles to verify and validate his/her admission before making any form of payment.
To do this, admitted students should visit the department where they have been given or presumably offered admission to confirm that their names is indeed listed in the admission master list sent to the department.

This steps is to be done, to avoid frustration when expelled based on false admission.
Be alert to avoid being removed or expelled from the school on account of false admission after you’ve successfully paid the scammers.

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