Sad News Indeed As Water Scarcity Hits Madonna University Elele For Up To A Week Now

This is so sad a news, however, we know that our job is to always keep you inform.
Just like the title spells out, There’s currently, water scarcity in Madonna University, because, this morning, we recieve information, that there is currently, an out bust of students of the Madonna university, Elele, campus for water.
As the scarcity of water is currently going on for up to one week now, and sadly, the school authorities are doing nothing to solve this problem.

Latest reporting reaching our news desks is from a student of the institution, who plead anonymous but wrote a note on this current issue on Madonna University.
It is going into the 7th day now, that we lacked water in our school, currently, there is no water to use for bath, wash or even cook food for us to eat.
Right now, we all depend on pure water to do virtually everything, and sadly, we have to buy this pure water at a relatively high cost price.
Angrily, expressing himself, and expressing others view on this issue, but who cannot express themselve, due to fear of expulsion, he continued again;
madonna University is like a well protected prison, all candidates are limited and confined to take whatever decision the school management take.
We, the candidates are not allowed to leave the institution, or to communicate with our friends in other schools.
(via the internet social network, like facebook and twitter)
and further more, the students are not even allowed to use a good cell phone.
We are only permitted to use Nokia Torch light phone and it’s like.
We, the students are practically and slowly dying.

For instant, imagine this in your mind, a school that pay over N340,000.00 school fee, but yet could not provide us with the necessary amenities for a conducive learning environment.
Just give a seconds and think about lacking water in rainy season and compare it to our current situation.
many of us go to the examination halls without taking our bath.
But yet, out of fear of expulsion, every one is afraid.
The question right now is:
is it supposed to be so?

Please note That The Above Statement In Blue is From A Student, Not Our Own.

This is not the first time we are seeing ugly situations like this keep raising it’s ugly head from Madonna University, but this issue has pass it’s limit.
in this case it is high time Every One Knows and Is aware of situations arising in Madonna University.
It is high time we assisted our Nigerian students in Madonna University.
A least let people know what they are passing through.
Latest Info reaching our mail box is a question from a student that asks:
Is Truly Madonna University A Living Hell?
Students of the institution do face lots of embarrassments in any slightest mistake to any offense.
(even ones that are ordinarily pardonable).
Security men handle students like jail in-mates and security men will always tell the students that they are doing what the management instructed them to do.
The question here is:
What is wrong?
The University is supposed to be for matured mind, where students can go and get developed into a full-grown youth where they will be eligible to start the future.
But in Madonna, the reverse is the case, these set of students in schools like Madonna move into the society after graduation with no experience of what life is truly about, they move in fear and are never free to express themselve.
This is to be blamed on the training they recieve while on school.
This is a rape to socialization!

A student, whom we don’t know how he have access to internet, wrote in a top forum this.
It is only in Madonna that students pay fine in excess of N5,000 simply for being late to church activities, and for minor offense in the hostels or face a panel for expulsion.
A lot of students in our institution has been expelled even in their final year simply because they were seen moving side by side with a student of the opposite sex even in the day time.
What about those who were sent home or suspended simply, because they were caught using camera phones like Blackberry and the rest?

The Nigerian University Commission(NCU) should step in to assure Nigerian students that they are still in the policies guiding other schools in the country.
This students welfare and state of social living should be put into serious consideration before their self esteem is totally killed.
We think it is a high time all Nigerian students and the general public, learn to condemn what is bad, and have some measure of choice in the options.
This article is a combined article of angry students of the institution who thinks it is high time they open up to the public what they are facing inside the institution.
But knows their limit as they talk anonymously.
Anyway, you can share your thoughts on this.

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