NSUK Postgraduate Courses and Programmes for 2020

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NSUK Postgraduate Courses: If you are interested in getting admission into the Nasarawa State University (Nsuk) Postgraduate school, then it is important you know about the NSUK postgraduate courses / programmes approved by the NUC.

The Nasarawa State University management has disclosed every details needed for the NSUK postgraduate registration form, price, etc. But before anything else, here is the official and approved Nsuk postgraduate school courses.



  1. Faculty of Administration Department of Accounting

Ph.D. Accounting, M.Phil./Ph.D. Accounting, M.Sc. Accounting, M.Sc. Public Sector Accounting, MIPSA(Master in Public Sector Accounting), Master in Accounting and Finance, MIPSA (Public Audit Management), MIPSA (Public Finance Management), MIPSA (Tax Management), MIPSA (Treasury Management) PGD Accounting.

Department of Banking & Finance

Ph.D. Finance, M.Phil/Ph.D Finance, M.Sc. Finance, Master Securities and Investment Studies, PGD Finance.

Department of Business Administration

Ph.D. Business Administration, M.Phil/Ph.D. Business Administration, M.Sc. Business Administration, MBA (Accounting), MBA (Finance),

MBA (Entrepreneurship), MBA (General Management), MBA (Human Resource Management), MBA (Marketing), MBA (Management Information System), PGD Business Administration.

Department of Entrepreneurship

M.Sc. Entrepreneurship, PGD Entrepreneurship.

Department of Public Administration

Ph.D. Public Administration, M.Phil/Ph.D. Public Administration, M.Sc. Public Administration. MPA (General), MPA (Local Government Administration), MPA (Personnel Administration), MPA (Public Policy Analysis), PGD. Public Administration.

2. Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension

Ph.D. in the following areas:

  1. D. in Agricultural Economics
  2. D. in Agricultural Extension and Communication, M.Sc. in the following areas:
  1. Sc. in Agricultural Economics
  2. Sc. in Agricultural Extension and Communication

PGD with the following options:

  1. PGD in Farm Management and Production Economics
  2. PGD in Agricultural Extension and

Department of Animal Science

Ph.D. in Animal Science with specialization in:

  1. Animal Breeding and Genetics
  2. Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Production and Management
  1. Animal Physiology and Bioclimatology
  2. Phi//Ph.D Animal Science

M.Sc. in Animal Science with the following options:

  1. Animal Breeding and Genetics
  2. Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Production and Management
  1. Animal Physiology and Bioclimatology PGD
  2. Animal Science

Department of Fisheries

Ph.D. in Fisheries with specialization in:

  1. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management (Aqua Culture)
  2. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management (Fish Breeding and Genetics)
  • Aquaculture and Fisheries Management (Fish Nutrition)
  1. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management (Fish Gear Technology)
  2. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management (Fisheries Management and Conservation)
  3. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management (Fish Processing and Conservation)
  4. Sc. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
  5. PGD Aquaculture and Fisheries Management

Department of Agronomy

Ph.D. in Agronomy with specialization in:

  1. D. Crop Protection
  2. D. Crop Science
  • D. Soil Science
  1. Phil/Ph.D Crop Science
  2. Phil/Ph.D Crop Protection
  3. Phil/Ph.D Soil Science

M.Sc. in Agronomy with the following options:

  1. Sc. in Crop Protection
  2. Sc. in Crop Science
  • Sc. in Soil Science

PGD with the following options:

  1. PGD Agronomy (Crop Production)
  2. PGD Agronomy (Crop Science)
  • PGD Agronomy (Soil Fertility and Management)
  1. PGD Agronomy (Soil and Water Management)

3. Faculty of Arts Department of Arabic

  • Ph.D. Arabic Language,
  • Ph.D. Arabic Literature,
  • MPhil/Ph.D Arabic,
  • M.A. Arabic Language,
  • M.A. Arabic Literature,
  • PGD. Arabic.

Department of English

Ph.D. English Language, Ph.D. Literature in English, M.Phil/Ph.D. English Language, M.A. English Language, M.A. Literature in English, PGD English Language, PGD Literature in English.

Department of French

Ph.D. French (French Language & Linguistics), Ph.D. French (African Literature in French), Ph.D French (Comparative Literature), M.Phil/Ph.D. French, M.A. French (Literature), M.A. French (Language), PGD French.

Department of History

Ph.D. History, M.A. History

Department of Islamic Studies

Ph.D. Islamic Studies, M.Phil/Ph.D. Islamic Studies, M.A. Islamic Studies, PGD Islamic Studies.

Department of Linguistics

Ph.D. Linguistics, M.A. Linguistics.

Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Ph.D. Biblical Studies (New Testament), Ph.D. Church History, Ph.D. Philosophy & Ethics, Ph.D. Biblical Studies (Old Testament), Ph.D. Religious Studies, M.Phil/Ph.D. Religious Studies (Biblical Studies),

M.A. African Traditional Religion, M.A. Biblical Studies (New Testament), M.A. Church History, M.A. Philosophy & Ethics, M.A. Religious Studies, M.A. Sociology of Religion, M.A. Comparative Religion, M.A. Philosophy of Religion.

Department of Theatre Arts & Cultural Studies

Ph.D. Theatre & Cultural Studies, Ph.D. Cultural Policy & Management, M.Phil/Ph.D. Theatre & Cultural, M.Phil/Ph.D. Cultural Policy & Management, M.A. Theatre & Cultural Studies, M.A. Cultural Policy & Management, PGD Theatre Arts, PGD Cultural Administration.

4. Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Ph.D. Biochemistry, M.Phil/Ph.D. Biochemistry, M.Sc Biochemistry, PGD Biochemistry.

Department of Microbiology

Ph.D. Microbiology with areas of specialization as follows:

  1. Food & Industrial Microbiology
  2. Environmental Microbiology
  • Medical Microbiology

M.Sc. Microbiology with areas of specialization as follows:

  1. Food & Industrial Microbiology
  2. Environmental Microbiology
  • Medical Microbiology PGD

Department of Plant Science & Biotechnology

Ph.D. Plant Genetics & Breeding, M.Sc. Plant Genetics & Breeding, PGD Biodiversity & Conservation Management

Department of Zoology

Ph.D. Applied Hydrobiology & Fisheries, Ph.D. Entomology, Ph.D. Parasitology, M.Sc. Applied Hydrobiology & Fisheries, M.Sc. Applied Entomology & Parasitology.

Department of Chemistry

M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, PGD Chemistry.

Department of Geology & Mining

Ph.D. Geology with areas of specialization as follows:

  1. Mineral Exploration
  2. Hydrogeology/Engineering Geology M.Phil/Ph.D. Geology

M.Sc. Geology with areas of specialization as follows:

  1. Mineral Exploration
  2. Hydrogeology/Engineering Geology
  • Environmental Geology PGD Geology and

Department of Computer Science

  • Ph.D. Computer Science,
  • M.Phil/Ph.D. Computer Science,
  • M.Sc. Computer Science,
  • PGD Computer Science.

Department of Mathematical Science

Ph.D. Mathematics (Pure and Applied), M.Phil/Ph.D. Mathematics (Pure and Applied), M.Sc. Mathematics (Pure and Applied)

Department of Statistics

Ph.D. Statistics, M.Phil/Ph.D. Statistics, M.Sc. Statistics, PGD Statistics.

Department of Physics

Ph.D. Solid State Physics, Ph.D. Theoretical Physics, MPhil/Ph.D. Radiation & Medical Physics, MPhil/Ph.D. Electronics & Communication, MPhil/Ph.D. Applied Geophysics, M.Sc. Theoretical Physics, M.Sc. Electronics & Communication, M.Sc. Radiation & Medical Physics, M.Sc. Applied Geophysics, PGD Radiation & Medical Physics, PGD Electronics & Communication, PGD Applied Geophysics.

  1. Faculty of Law Department of Law Phil/Ph.D. Law,

LL.M (Master of Laws)

LL.M with areas of specialization as follows:

  1. Law and Government
  2. Taxation Law and Policy
  3. Energy and Natural Resources Law
  4. Intellectual Property Law and Policy
  5. Entertainment and Sports Law
  6. Law Enforcement and Administration
  7. Communications and Information Technology Law
  8. Security Law and Policy
  9. Law of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  10. Investment Law and Policy
  11. Constitutional and Human Rights Law
  12. Law of Banking and Finance
  13. Corporate Governance and Finance Law
  14. Islamic Banking and Finance
  15. International Maritime Law
  16. International Law and Diplomacy


  1. PGD in Refugee & International Humanitarian Law
  2. PGD in

6. Faculty of Education

Department of Educational Foundations

Ph.D. Curriculum Studies, Ph.D. Measurement & Evaluation, Ph.D. Philosophy, Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Ph.D. Guidance & Counselling, Ph.D. Philosophy of Education, Ph.D. Sociology of Education, M.Phil/Ph.D. Measurement & Evaluation, M.Phil./Ph.D. Guidance & Counselling, M.Phil./Ph.D. Sociology of Education, M.Phil./Ph.D. Educational Psychology, M.Phil./Ph.D. Philosophy of Education, M.Phil./Ph.D. Curriculum Studies, M.Ed. Curriculum Studies, M.Ed. Philosophy of Education, M.Ed. Guidance & Counselling, M.Ed. Measurement & Evaluation, M.Ed. Educational Psychology, M.Ed. Sociology of Education.

Department of Educational Administration & Planning

Ph.D. Educational Admin & Planning, M.Phil./Ph.D. Educational Admin & Planning, M.Ed. Educational Admin & Planning, Masters of Educational Planning and Management (Part Time).

Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics Education

Ph.D. Science Education, Ph.D. Mathematics Education, M.Ed. Mathematics Education, M.Ed. Science Education.

Department of Arts and Social Science Education

Ph.D. English Education, M.Ed English Education.

7. Faculty of Social Sciences Department of Economics

Ph.D. Economics, M.Phil/Ph.D. Economics, M.Sc. Economics, PGD Economics

Professional Masters in Economics with the following Specializations:

  1. Master in Health Economics
  2. Master in Development Economics
  • Master in Public Finance
  1. Master in Financial Economics
  2. Master in Energy and Petroleum Economics

Department of Mass Communication

Ph.D. Mass Communication, MPhil/Ph.D. Mass Communication, M.Sc. Mass Communication, PGD Mass Communication.

Department of Political Science

Ph.D. Political Science (Political Economy & Development Studies), Ph.D. Political                Science   (Public   Policy   Analysis),   Ph.D.   Political   Science

(International Relations), M.Phil./Ph.D. Political Science, M.Sc. Political Science (International Relations), M.Sc. Political Science (Political Economy & Development Studies), M.Sc. Political Science (Public Policy Analysis), PGD Political Science (Political Economy & Development Studies), PGD Political Science (Public Policy Analysis), PGD Political Science (International Relations), Master in International Relations and Diplomacy (MIRD).

Department of Psychology

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. Forensic & Correctional Psychology, Ph.D. Industrial & Organizational Psychology, M.Sc. Forensic & Correctional Psychology, M.Sc. Clinical Psychology, M.Sc. Industrial & Organizational Psychology, PGD Psychology.

Department of Sociology

Ph.D. Sociology, M.Phil/Ph.D. Sociology, M.Sc. Sociology, PGD Sociology.

8. Faculty of Environmental Science Department of Geography

Ph.D. Geography (Climatology), Ph.D. Geography (Environmental Resource Management), Ph.D. Geography (Geomorphology), M.Phil./Ph.D. Geography, M.Sc. Geography (Climatology), M.Sc. Geography (Environmental Resource Management), M.Sc. Geography (Geomorphology), M.Sc. Geography (Geographical Information System), M.Sc. Geography (Urban & Regional Planning), Master in Environmental Resource Management, Master in Urban & Regional Planning, PGD

Environmental Resource Management, PGD Land Administration, PGD Disaster Management, PGD Urban & Regional Planning.

9. Institute of Governance and Development Studies Security & Strategic Studies

Ph.D. Security & Strategic Studies, M.Phil/Ph.D. Security & Strategic Studies, M.Sc. Security & Strategic Studies, PGD Security & Strategic Studies.

Peace & Conflict Studies

Ph.D. Peace & Conflict Studies, M.Phil/Ph.D. Peace & Conflict Studies, M.Sc. Peace & Conflict Studies, PGD Peace & Conflict Studies,

Forensic Studies

M.Sc. Forensic Investigation

Law & Corporate Governance,

Master in Law & Corporate Governance,

Procurement Studies

Master in Procurement Management

10. Institute of Education

PGD Educational Administration& Planning, PGD Education, PGD Guidance & Counselling.

11. Centre for Cyberspace

Ph.D in Cyber Security, Mphil/Ph.D in Cyber Security, M.Sc Data Science and Technology, Masters in Internet Governance and Policy, Masters in Cyber Security, PGD Cyber Security.

12. Center for Gender Studies

M.Sc. Gender Studies, Master in Gender Studies, PGD in Gender Studies.

13. Institute of Strategic and Development Communication

Ph.D. Development Communication, Ph.D. Film and Media Arts, M.Phil/Ph.D. Development Communication, M.Phil/Ph.D. Film & Media Arts, M.A. Development Communication, M.A. Film & Media Arts, PGD. Development Communication, PGD Film and Media Arts.

a. Application Fees

Application fee for all programmes is N20,000

b. Date and Venues of Qualifying Examination

A qualifying examination for all applicants seeking admission into Postgraduate Degree Programmes will hold on Saturday 5th, 12th & 19th October, 2019 at 8:30am prompt for all Academic programmes (Ph.D, M.Sc, M.A, LL.M, M.Ed), Professional Programmes (MPA, MBA, MPP, MLG, MERM, MAF, MEPM) and all Postgraduate Diplomas in the following venues:

  • Faculty of Administration, Arts, Law, Natural & Applied Sciences, Social Sciences – Faculty Complex
  • Faculty of Education – Assembly Hall
  • Faculty of Environmental Science – 1000 seat auditorium
  • Faculty of Agriculture – 1000 seat auditorium
  • Institute of Education – Assembly Hall
  • Institute of Governance & Development Studies – SPGS

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