Nile University School Fees for All Courses – (2023/2024)

Nile University is one of the most popular private universities in Nigeria, and its tuition fee is pretty great. Note that the Nile university school fees shared below do NOT cover Accommodation, this amount shared on this page is just for the tuition fee ONLY.

Other School Fees.

The management board of the Nile University, FCT Abuja has released the amount to be paid as school fees for this current academic session. Candidates aiming to study at Nile University should endeavour to check this list before selecting this institution as their preferred choice during JAMB registration.

nile university school fees

Nile University School Fees.

CourseDurationFee Per SemesterFee Per Session
Medicine & Surgery12 semesters/ 6 years₦2,875,000₦5,750,000
Human Anatomy8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Human Physiology8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Public Health8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Common Law10 semesters/ 5 years₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
Civil Engineering10 semesters/ 5 years₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Computer Engineering10 semesters/ 5 years₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Electrical & Electronics Engineering10 semesters/ 5 years₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Mechanical Engineering10 semesters/ 5 years₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Petroleum & Gas Engineering10 semesters/ 5 years₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Architecture8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Mechatronics10 semesters/ 5 years₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Chemical Engineering8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Biochemistry8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Microbiology8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Biotechnology8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Industrial Chemistry8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Chemistry8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Software Engineering8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Computer Science8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Information Technology8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Cyber Security8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Biology8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Mathematics8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Statistics8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Accounting8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Banking & Finance8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Business Administration8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Public Administration8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Marketing8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Estate Management8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Criminology & Security Studies8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Economics8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Mass Communication8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Political Science & International Relations8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Psychology8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Sociology8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
English Studies8 semesters/ 4 years₦1,200,000₦2,400,000

How to Pay Nile University School Fees.

  • The first step is to visit the Nile University Portal,
  • When the form loads up, proceed and fill in the form (All Fields are Required, ensure you type in your correct Email and Phone Number in their appropriate box).
  • Click the Preview Button, to preview whether the information you provided is correct. Previewing your payment details before proceeding to pay about 2.4 Million Naira is important, please.
  • If you noticed any wrong details even though the information you provided is correct, simply click on the “Go Back” button and contact the Academic Division: before proceeding.
  • Click “Pay Now” to confirm the payment.
  • Select a Payment Method at the checkout screen (Card, USSD, Bank Transfer, any one of your choice).
  • For Bank transfers, simply click on the “I’ve sent the money” to complete the payment process.
  • For USSD, click “I’ve completed the payment” to complete the payment process.
  • Once you’ve successfully paid your tuition fee, you will be redirected to the Success Page, take note of the transaction reference. However, if you forgot to copy it, you will be sent an email with a payment receipt. Ensure you print it out for reference’s sake.
  • If by chance you were not redirected to the Success Page or you did not receive a payment receipt, but you are debited please wait for 24 hours for your payment to be reversed. However, if it’s not reversed, please contact the school bursary or use this email: to reach out to the school.

About the Nile University of Nigeria.

Nile University of Nigeria is a Private University located in the federal capital of Nigeria, Abuja. This institution started with ONLY three faculties in 2009, with around ninety-three (93) students. Those three faculties are (Arts & Social Sciences, Engineering, and Natural & Applied Sciences).

The University was established and accredited by the NUC in 2009 to provide high-quality tertiary education for the country’s ever-increasing number of secondary school leavers.

During its inception, the university had three faculties (Arts & Social Sciences, Engineering, and Natural & Applied Sciences) and 93 students. As the University grew and thrived, producing graduates who are highly in demand, the need to expand becomes imminent.

Fast-forward to 2014, Nile University established its School of Postgraduate Studies and currently have about 3,600 students and counting (undergraduate and postgraduate), 26 undergraduate programs across six faculties, and 36 postgraduate programs across five faculties.

Nile University’s lowest school Fees.

This institution’s lowest tuition fee is Two Million, Four Hundred Thousand Naira (₦2,400,000) for a variety of courses.

Nile University’s Highest School Fees.

The Nile university’s highest tuition fee is Five Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (₦5,750,000), and it’s for Medicine and Surgery course. All other courses offered by this school will cost you about 2.4million Naira.

As expected, even in government-owned federal and state institutions, Medicine and Surgery always pay one of the highest school fees, and the same can be said about students studying Medicine and Surgery at Nile University.

Medicine and Surgery students pay the highest school fees, while students studying computer science, Anatomy, Cyber Security, and other science students pay the lowest fees.

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