Minister Of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Cry Out For The Poor State of Education in Nigeria

Nigerian Minister of Finance and Co-ordinating Minister
for the Economy, Prestige Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, has
raised out an alarm at which the educational sector in Nigeria is suffering.

Doctor Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Said and we quote;
The rate at which examination malpractice has coiled into our society, like a giant that can not be beaten, the situation has reached a point where students, who are on graduation, could not
demonstrate the necessary skills and craft which they learn at their educational institution, to make them an employable material or innovative in the labour market.

Taking up this Very Serious and Important Case as a Topic, Doctor Ngozi Okonjo Iweala spoke at a lecture, and the Themes of the Lecture was:
Science and technology: The key to Nigeria’s transformation.

This topic, which was part of the Second Professor Barth Nnaji Biennial Lecture series, which took place at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology
(ESUT), Enugu State, Nigeria.

Mrs Ngozi Okonjo said that there was need to put in place
mechanisms to improve the quality and facilities available for teaching students in several level of education, as well as for educational research which will certainly enlighten the students at the tertiary level.
Mrs Ngozi Iweala said that these measures are not limited to simply
increasing educational funds which are made available by government or other bodies, collaboration
between higher institutions, which are national and
international educational bodies, rather, a more limited focus in research programmes offered, and an improvement in the culture of maintenance are all educational steps that will help deliver the Fast Falling Nigeria Education Innocent.
Mrs Ngozi Iweala also said that in the case of university research, findings
should be competitive between institutions, whic will help to provide some incentives to enhance efficiency and strengthen the collaboration with industry.

She Further stated that she’s really sad and that she lament at the
nation’s higher institutions were plagued with inadequate science and technology facilities, like science laboratory, Zone for Courses which requires animal studys among others, she also lamented on poor materials for practical skills development.
Mrs Iweala also said that many laboratories lack the basic equipment and tools for
thorough scientific and Technology research which will surely boast Nigeria to the outside world, For example, look at Japan Today, they are among the best Nation In The World today, but several years ago, they were classified as Third world countries, but science has made them one of the richest and Most respected country in the world today.

For example, how come, a computer science graduate can not understand the basics of writing software codes?
Yet, The Republic Of Nigeria is currently, producing thousands of science and technology graduates each end of academic year, but several of them are under-employed, going into the banking
and non-scientific sectors which they didnt lay a finger on while in school.
FurtherMore, Mrs Iweala also noted that, the policy makers should be aware that few countries could achieve development
goals, such as the following:
Economic Diversification,
Food Security,
Poverty Reduction.

But without the scientific,engineering and technical capacity to
handle ‘the challenges, there wouldn’t be a country where the world would be looking up to as a role Model.
But remember, The youths of Today are the Leaders Of Tomorrow.

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