Kebbi State University SUG President Impeached Because of six million naira missing funds

Sad news indeed, as the Kebbi State University{ksu} Student Union Government{sug}, Comrade Shaibu but known generally as Ebije, was the Student union government president of Kebbi state university Chapter.

He was finally impeached after delibration of the student union government parliament on the 27th of June, 2012.
This Sug President impeachment was endorsed by the Right Honourable Ukwuteno Benson the Speaker of the SUG parliament with two-third of the senators on sit.

Comrade Shaibu was impeached based on Good EIGHT count charges which include the following.
i. Misappropriation of union funds.
ii. Indiscrimate withdrawal of funds from the union account.
iii. Privatization of union properties. iv. Pefusal to appear before the parliament.
v. threats to life and security of the members of his government.
vi. Unaccountable for an estimated sum of Six million naira.
absonding from official duties for approximately THREE months and gross misconduct.

Comrade Raliat, the vice president of the student union government, was sworn in after forty eight hours of impeachment by the CJ Tashilani Alagani.
AlThough the ex-president fate is still unknown, he still awaits trial and refund of union properties and handing over to the new president.
But the ex-president is still parading himself as the president.
This act has made a history in the embryonic Student union government of the institution, a precedence and legendary act that would, never in the history Of Ksu, be forgotten.

Truly, this is Democracy in SCHOOL, but the un-answered Question is:
If Shaibu is found guilty, then what will be his punishment?
Lets wait and see as the upcoming event Roll out.
This will really be interesting.

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