Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti Saga: As Unions call for the institution Rector sack

Using this platform, we, The NigeriaOpenUniversity team wishes to inform the general public, but most especially, the Great Students Of federal polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, that right now, three great and major unions at the Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, has joined forces together and yesterday, called for the sack of the polytechnic Rector, Mrs Theresa Akande, and other top officials of the education institution.

These Union has vowed to continue the boycott of official duties and promise to stay off work because of what they described as:
the intransigence of the Rector on unpaid backlog of their Hazard, Peculiar and Field Trip allowances.

These are the categories of staffs that complained that the Rector is holding their payments:
1. Administrative Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP).
2. The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Polytechnics (SSANIP),
3. The Non Academic Staff Union (NASU)
has alleged that the Rector has been withholding their allowances, despite the appeals by the Federal Government for the rector to released their payment and pay them.
These union also said that, the Rector, Mrs Akande should immediately be relieved of her job to enable the polytechnic,
“move forward in the way of progress and peace”.

The unions also alleged that the authorities of the polytechnic have also decided to adopt a tactis called
divide and rule tactics
by paying a select category of their (unions’) members the 35 months’ arrears of their Field Trip Allowance after weeks of meetings and frustrating wait.

The Unions has recently blocked the main entrance to the polytechnic, preventing free movement in and out of the institution.
The Leader of these two unions, Prince Ade Adeniyi (NASU),
Dr. Ayeni Oluwole (ASUP),
said that they would try their best and resist what they called the school management’s plan to repress them on non-payment of the allowances.
Dr Adeniyi of the ASUP union also alleged that the management has spent over N100 million on unimportant journeys.
Instead of paying the staff’s allowances.

The Dr is urging the Minister of Education, Professor Ruqqayatu Rufa’I, to intervene on the matter and resolve the ill-treatment being meted out to the institution staffs.
Dr Adeniyi also said this, quoting him in his exact word:
“It is very sad that the Rector, Mrs Akande is applying divide and rule to weaken the unions and cause confusion, so that she can get away with the allowances of the staff members she is not paying.
We want to make it clear that we have and are resolute to confront the management on the matter and we are making it clear that we are fighting a just course.
But it is unfortunate that the management is proving to be anti-workers by the way it handles the issue on ground now.”

The Deputy Rector, Academic, Dr Nnamdi Aboloma, has yesterday, denied the allegations against the Rector.
Explaining that the institution has adopted a piecemeal payment of the allowances.
Dr Nnamdi said that the workers are in various categories, depending on whether or not they have submitted their 10-digit NUBAN accounts, in line with the polytechnic’s banks’ directive for paying it’s staffs and workers.
Dr nnamdi said that:
“Despite the explanations, some of the workers still gave their old account numbers, which the banks plainly refused.
He stated that the unions have not responded to the authority’s appeal to them to allow a few of their members join the bursar to process the payments.

The Deputy Rector also added that:
No one came to join the bursar, thus making the work rather difficult for him.
Even those who should not join in the strike at all, having joined the institution as staff members after 2007, have equally joined the strike, not fully knowing what they’re doing.
This is not justifiable,” Dr Nnamdi Aboloma said.

Dr Nnamdi also advised that the workers should come and embrace the olive branch from the authority, adding that the development has grounded academics.

But till now, there is no current news if the union are still rooted on the Rector Being Relief of her job or not.
But what we know is that the Minister Of Education, Professor Ruqqayatu Rufa’I as a Disciplinary Leader and she is always protecting her ministry from been turned down by some immatured, greedy or corrupted leader.
However, the case of the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, the minister of Education seems to be silent on the issue, probably because the rector of the school is a woman like her too.
But Please, we ask the Minister of Detactionn to act fast on this issue to protect the Good work and reputation she has built so far.

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