Educational GoodNews: Akwa Ibom To Launch Her First State e-Library Very Soon

The is truly goodnews as Akwa Ibom State has opened her first e-Library which will soon be open for the public usage.
The Commissioner for Information and Communications Mr Aniekan Umanah has said.

Mr Aniekan also told reporters, in Uyo the capital of Akwa Ibom state, that registration is available to online and readers that love reading from websites.
while the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) links the world e-library and other e-resource websites.
Mr Umanah also stated that the official website/Portal address of the library can be located at:

He also added that it the online library has an e-resources that can only be accessed onsite {intranet} within the facility of the Library.

The Akwa Ibom Commissioner also stated that the state is processing a top level domain website at
to make sure that all components of the library can easily be accessed by ONLY registered users from all parts of the world, not just in Nigeria Only.

Similarly, the Principal Consultant at the e-Library, Professor Felicia Etim also added that for one to have access to the facilities of the e-library both as an online and on-site users, you must first of all, REGISTER and and you will be issued with access card or account details.
Professor Felicia Etim also explained further more, that after acquiring the access card, the registered users should go online, click on
My Account,
then Register and Log In
after which they can search for e-resources of their own choosing, print it out or download depending on their subscription level.
And as you know, the higher your subscription fee, the greater your account access to do certain things.
Professor Felicia Etim also informed the library users that experimental websites like

are not valid for access to the e-library.
The Modalities for payments and account details, Prof. Etim explained, are being worked out and she also added that the date for the full opening of the library will very soon be announced next month.
So we are seriously waiting for this e-Library.
The idea looks really modernized.
Truly, Nigeria is gradually coming out of the third world countries category to a higher level.


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