Currently on Going: Students Protesting In TASUED over Increament in Fees

This is not a joke anymore, why does it seems like almost all the tertiary institutions in Nigeria are increasing their school fee?

Latest report reaching us today, is that the students of the Tai SOlarin University of Education (Tasued) are destroying the school properties over increment in school fees.

However, at first, the students were peacefully protesting against the hike in school fee, but after the school hindered them from writing exams, this angered the students which sadly, lead to the destruction of School Properties!

This protest was led by TASUED (Tai Solarin University Of Education) SUG President, Ekeyokpa Sunday Osas yesterday 10th of June 2014, a protest which was as a result of increase in school fees and hindrance from attempting exams. More than half the school were not allowed to write exams which commenced on Monday 9th of June 2014, and after reading but not writing the exams, the students decide to write on the school properties by breaking and scattering them.

The school security who tried to prevent the students from making more damages, shot one of the students in the waist.

We can also confirmed that the Student Union Government (SUG) President sustained injury on the head and leg, while his general secretary got injured on the left hand.

Several other students sustained injuries during the protest which are serious too.

However, when OP MESA were invited into the matter, they were able to scare the students away using tear gas and multiple gunshots which was carefully shot in the air to avoid injuring any of the students.

We are also able to confirm that six (6) other Students were arrested by the School security, most of which were arrested randomly and were also beaten thoroughly.

The 6 students after been beaten, were handed to the Igbeba Police Department but were later released yesterday night.

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