Current Status Of The Madonna University Engineering Campus, Enugu

Note That This mail was sent to our mail box from a student Of The Madonna University By The Name Of:
Master Paul Okonkwo

We all know that the Nigeria University Commission, widely known as NUC visited Madonna University earlier in the Month Of July.
They however, failed to come to the university’s Engineering campus which is located in Enugu State.

Seriously, i start wondering if the Commission didn’t know that students of the Educational institution are also in the Enugu Campus, or they simply refused to visit the school.
We seriously need help here because all sorts of insects are feeding on us and parasites are living on us.
The most annoying part of these is that no matter how hard we(the students) have tried to convince our parents and guardians that we are in hell, they don’t believe until some of them come themselves.

The last siwes(It) people paid a visit to the institution,the lady among the group said that she would never accept to come to Enugu campus if anything would ever make her go for SIWES supervision in Madonna again.
Can you see how far we’ve this issue gone?
she further said that she was even scared thinking she was being kidnapped while coming to that endless road of our Engineering campus.
You can not blame her a bit, because the Madonna University Engineering campus is located about 1 hour, 30minutes off the main road and the only noise the students hear is their own noise, which is most time not made, because most students are just too tired.
We are basickly living like a pack of Animals, to be sincere with you.

The Engineering Campus is built on jungles of lies and deceits, if I continue complaining and explaining what we are passing through here on this campus, i might take up to four pages.

The government of this country should open their eyes and the youths should refuse to be brainwashed to coming to the campus here, that is basically how we were brainwashed into coming here, we thought it’s a heaven!. Please be informed that Madonna is not what you guys think.
We that are here feel like dropping out and seeking for admission elsewhere and that I am about to do, even if it means disobeying my parents who thought i’m lying.
I think the Nigeria Prestige and Renowned EFCC should come to our aid by interrogating and asserting whoever approved this dead zone as a university.
I wonder how much Father Edeh has paid to by their conscience.
This is not a university.
concluding my point of view, the management of the Nigeria University Commission (NUC) should please pay a surprise visit to this campus and see things for themselves.
Their visit would truly save the future of fellow Nigerian Students being wasted here.

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