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Here is the complete ATBU postgraduate courses : Here is everything you need to know about the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU), Bauchi, School of Post Graduate Studies, Ph.D, M.Sc., M.Tech. Ed, M.Eng., M.Tech., MBA, MHM, MAFS, MEBD, PGD accredited courses.

Using this medium, we would love to inform and notify members of the general public, especially all Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Postgraduate aspirants, that the tertiary institution management has updated its Postgraduate programmes for the 2019/2020 academic session.

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University is one of the tertiary institution which is widely known for being among the best universities in Nigeria. But it may be surprising to you to know that this institution has a very large school of postgraduate studies.

Here is a list of ATBU postgraduate courses you can choose from.

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  • Agriculture and Agricultural Technology.
  • Engineering and Engineering Technology.
  • Science.
  • Management Sciences.
  • Environmental Technology.
  • Technology Education.

Agriculture and Agricultural Technology

Department of Agric. Economics and Extension

  • PhD and M. Sc Economics
  • PhD and M. Sc Agricultural Extension
  • PGD Agricultural Economics & Extension.

Department of Animal Production.

  1. PhD and M. Sc Animal Science in the Following Areas;
    1. Monogastric Nutrition & Mgt
    2. Animal Science
    3. Ruminant Nutrition & Mgt
    4. Animal Breeding & Genetics
    5. Reproductive Physiology
  2. M. Sc Animal Prod. & Health
  3. PGD Animal Prod. & Health.

Department of Crop Production.

  1. PhD and M. Sc. Agricultural Entomology
  2. PhD and M. Sc. Agronomy
  3. PhD and M. Sc. Genetics & Plants Breeding
  4. PhD and M.Sc. Plant Pathology
  5. PhD and M. Sc Soil Science
  6. PGD Agronomy and Farm Management.

Agriculture and Bio-Resource Engineering

  • M.Eng. Farm Power and Machinery
  • M.Eng. Farm Structures and Environmental Control
  • M.Eng. Food Processing and Storage
  • M.Eng. Soil and Water Engineering
  • PGD in Agricultural Engineering
  • Ph.D Farm Power and Machinery Engineering
  • Ph.D Soil and Water Engineering

Chemical Engineering

  • E.Eng.Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
  • M.Eng. In Chemical Engineering (Biochemical & Environmental Eng)
  • M.Eng. In Process & Engineering Optimization
  • M.Eng. Materials (Polymers/Ceramics) Engineering
  • M.Eng. Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals
  • PGD In Chemical Engineering
  • PhD Chemical Engineering (Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals)
  • PhD In Chemical Engineering (Process Eng.& Process Optimization)
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering (Biochemical & Env. Engineering)
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering (Catalysis & Reaction Engineering)
  • PhD in Materials (Polymers/Ceramics) Engineering.

Civil Engineering

  • M.Eng. Civil (Geotechnical) Engineering
  • M.Eng. Civil (Structural) Engineering
  • M.Eng. Civil (Water Resources) Engineering
  • PGD in Civil Engineering
  • Ph.D Civil (Geotechnical) Engineering
  • Ph.D Civil (Structural) Engineering
  • Phd Civil (Water Resources and Environmental) Engineering

Electrical Engineering

  • M.Eng Power System and Machine Engineering
  • M.Eng. In Control System Engineering
  • M.Eng.In Computer Engineering
  • M.Eng.In Electrical Engineering (Electronics)
  • M.Eng.In Telecommunication Engineering
  • PGD Electrical Engineering
  • Ph.D Electrical Engineering (Electronics Engineering)
  • PhD Electrical Engineering (Communications Engineering)
  • PhD Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering)
  • PhD Electrical Engineering (Control Engineering)
  • PhD Electrical Engineering (Power System & Machine Engineering)

 Mechanical Engineering

  • M.Eng. In Power and Process Engineering
  • M.Eng. In Production Engineering
  • PGD in Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D Automotive Engineering
  • Ph.D in Mechanical Production (Materials)
  • PhD In Mechanical Engineering (Energy)
  • PhD in Production Engineering

Mechatronics and System Engineering

  • M.Eng Machine Design and Mechatronic Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

  • PGD Petroleum Engineering.
  • PhD Petroleum Engineering.

Environmental Technology

M. Tech Architecture
PGD Architecture
Ph.D Architecture

Building Technology
M.Tech Construction Management
M.Tech Construction Technology
PGD Construction Management
Ph.D Construction Management
Ph.D Construction Technology.

Environmental Management Technology
M.Tech In Environmental Management Technology
PGD In Environment and Development
PhD In Environmental Management Technology

Estate Management
M. Tech Estate Management & Valuation
PGD Estate Management & Valuation
Ph.D Estate Management & Valuation

Industrial Design
M.Tech In Industrial Design (Ceramics and Ceramics Technology)
M.Tech In Industrial Design (Metal & Jewelry Technology)
M.Tech In industrial Design (Graphics and Graphics Technology)
PhD In Industrial Design (Ceramics and Ceramics Technology)
PhD In Industrial Design (Graphics and graphics Technology)
PhD In Industrial Design (Metal and Jewelry Design Technology )

Quantity Surveying
M.Tech In Project Management
M.Tech In Quantity Surveying
PGD In Quantity Surveying
PhD In Project Management
PhD In Quantity Surveying

Surveying and Geoinformatics
M.Tech in Surveying & Geoinformatics
PGD in Surveying & Geoinformatics
Ph.D in Surveying & Geoinformatics

Urban and Regional Planning
Technology Education
Ph.D Urban & Regional Planning.

Management Sciences.

Accounting and Finance

  • M.Sc. Accounting
  • M.Sc. Banking and Finance
  • Master of Accounting and Finance
  • Master of Development Studies
  • PGD Accounting and Finance
  • Ph.D Accounting
  • PhD in Finance

Management and Information Technology

  • M.Sc.  Management
  • M.Sc. Management Information Technology
  • MBA Engineering Management
  • MBA Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • MBA Environment & Sustainable Development
  • MBA Finance & Investment
  • MBA Human Resource Management
  • MBA Management
  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Technology Management
  • Master of Health Management
  • Master of Information Technology Management
  • PGD Finance
  • PGD Management
  • PGD Management Information Technology
  • Ph.D Management
  • Ph.D Management Information Technology.


Biological Science

  • M.Sc Applied Ecology
  • M.Sc Botany (Advanced Taxonomy)
  • M.Sc Botany (Medicinal Plants)
  • M.Sc Cell Biology & Cytogenetic
  • M.Sc Industrial Microbiology
  • M.Sc Zoology (Entomology)
  • M.Sc Zoology (Invertebrate Zoology)
  • M.Sc Zoology (Parasitology)
  • M.Sc Zoology (Vertebrate Zoology)
  • PGD Botany
  • PGD Community Health & Hygeine
  • PGD Epidemology and Control of Communicable Disease
  • PGD Microbiology
  • PGD Public Health
  • PGD. Parasitology
  • Ph.D Applied Parasitology
  • Ph.D Botany
  • Ph.D Ecology
  • Ph.D Entomology
  • Ph.D Food Microbiology
  • Ph.D Helaminthology
  • Ph.D Industrial Microbiology
  • Ph.D Parasitology
  • Ph.D Protozoology.


  • M.Sc Analytical Chemistry
  • M.Sc Inorganic Chemistry
  • M.Sc Organic Chemistry
  • M.Sc Polymer Chemistry
  • PGD Industrial Chemistry
  • Ph.D Analytical Chemistry
  • Ph.D Industrial Chemistry
  • Ph.D Inorganic Chemistry
  • Ph.D Organic Chemistry
  • Ph.D Polymer Chemistry
  • PhD Physical Chemistry


  • M.Sc Economics Geology/Mineral Exploration
  • M.Sc Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology
  • Ph.D Economic Geology/Mineral Exploration
  • Ph.D Environmental Geology
  • Ph.D Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology

Mathematical Science

  • M.Sc Mathematics
  • M.Sc Statistics
  • MSc. Computer Science
  • PGD Computer Science
  • PGD Mathematics
  • PGD Statistics
  • Ph.D Computer Science
  • Ph.D Mathematics
  • Ph.D Statistics


  • M.Sc Theoretical Physics
  • PGD Geophysics
  • Ph.D Physics (Communication & Electronics)
  • Ph.D Physics (Energy Studies)
  • Ph.D Physics (Medical)
  • Ph.D Physics (Solid State)
  • PhD Geophysics
  • PhD Physics (Theoretical)

Technology Education

Educational Foundation

  • M.Tech Educational Administration & Planning
  • M.Tech. in Educational Guidance & Counseling
  • PGD Education
  • Ph.D Curriculum Studies
  • Ph.D Educational Administration and Planning
  • Ph.D Educational Psychology
  • Ph.D in Educational Guidance & Counseling

Science Education

  • M.Tech Biology Education
  • M.Tech Chemistry Education
  • M.Tech Computer Science Education
  • M.Tech Mathematics Education
  • M.Tech Physics Education
  • Ph.D Mathematics Education
  • Ph.D Science Education
  • Ph.D in Computer Education.

Vocational and Technology Education

  1. Tech Metal Work Technology Education
  • M.Tech Agricultural Education
  • M.Tech Automobile Technology Education
  • M.Tech Building Technology Education
  • M.Tech Business Education (Accounting)
  • M.Tech Business Education (Management)
  • M.Tech Electrical Electronics Education
  • M.Tech Woodwork Technology Education
  • Ph.D Automobile Technology Education
  • Ph.D Business Education (Accounting)
  • Ph.D Business Education (Management)
  • Ph.D Metalwork Technology Education
  • Ph.D Woodwork Technology Education
  • PhD Agricultural Education
  • PhD Building Technology Education
  • PhD Electrical & Electronics Education

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