2012/2013 University Of Lagos Post Utme Result And Departmental Analysis. Plus Cut off Marks For admission

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This is a discussion board, since the University Of Lagos has not released her 2012/2013 cut off marks for admission, most candidates who has seen their post utme result are really getting agitated and want answers to their questions.
Well, we the NigeriaOpenUniversity Team dedicate this Page to all Unilag candidates who are patiently and impatiently waiting for the cut off marks.

Following my several years of Experience, (am not to proud, but humble) observation and closeness to unilag admission process and procedures, I have to admit that i have observed that there is hardly any one who has scored 70 and above in this year post ume exercise, if any situation like this exist, they are very rare.

The general and public score which Unilag is noted for is between 40-69 score.

Here is my point of view and advise to everyone who has written this year’s unilag post utme exercise, has seen their result, but are waiting for the school to announce her cut off mark.

If you score 60 and above for courses that are very competitive, when i say Competitive, i mean Courses with Very Much Candidates applying for admission into that faculty, then admission will truly be competitive and the school tends to select only Qualified And Eligible candidate.
Here are a few competitive Courses.
1. Accounting.
2. Business Administration.
3. Medicine.
4. Elect/Elect.
5. Chemistry
6. Engineering.
7. Mass communication.
8. Law.
9. Computer Science.
10. Economics.
11. IRPM. Etc.

Note that if you score above 65 you should be rest assure you are in for admission into the institution.

But if you scored between 60-64 for this courses mentioned above, then your chances are very very bright. like 85% of getting admitted into the institution.

Now, if your courses falls into that Area that are not too competitive, especially the
Educational Courses.
Then consider yourself a student of Unilag.
Because you will be surely admitted.

But if you scored between 50-59, note that there are courses you will still be able to get in for this marks.
But if you are not given admission into Your Choice Courses because the cut off is high, then you have to make certain and be satisfied with lower course.
Then our Candid advise is that you find out the course you can likely do and chose collect the change of course form.
Note that time waits for no Man.
So you better make hay while the sun shines.

However, this cut off marks for The 2012/2013 university of lagos, Unilag is not confirmed yet.
But it is believed to be in this range

The Cut Off Marks for Medicine And Surgery is believed to be between 63-65.

While statictics shows that people that applied for insurance are pretty much this year.
A precise number of candidates who applied for Insurance are 1724 candidates.

It is also believed that the 2012/2013 cut off mark for medicine is 70

As for pharmacology Candidates, if you scored above 60, then you’re sure going to be admitted.

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