2012/2013 Nnamdi Azikwe University Cut Off Marks for 2012/2013 Admission List. Check Your Faculty Cut Off Mark Now

This is another good news, after Nnamdi Azikwe University have release her 2012/2013 post utme results , the educational institution waste no time as the cut off marks for admission into the institution was later released.

The 2012 Unizik cut off marks will determine the bench mark from which the Educational institution will admit her prospective candidates.
AlThough this Most Useful information regarding the institution Cut Off Mark has not been released by the educational institution, we seriously doubt if the institution will ever released her cut off for admission.

Candidates should note that in 2011, a suggestion of how the NNAMDI azikwe university cut off for admission was published, and this is how it was calculated.

Post Utme Score Multiplied By 4.
Then Add Your Jamb Score and Finally Divided By 2.
Once you arrive at a certain number, that will be YOUR score, and the Unizik Departmental Cut off was set as below.
So if you reached any of the below cut off marks, then get ready to be admitted, but if you didn’t reached any of the below cut off Marks, don’t be sad.
Because I Believed In MIRACLES.

Law: 255
Pharmacy: 276
Phisiology: 241.5
Anatomy: 240.5
Agriculture And Extinction: 184.5
Food Science And Tech: 210
Physics And Industrial Physics: 213
Pure And Industrial Chemistry: 219.5
Statistics: 190.5
Economics: 277
Mass Communication: 268.5
Surveying And Geo Info: 188.5
African And Asian studies: 218
English Language And Literature: 243
History And International Studies: 245
Theater Art: 230
Religion And Humanities: 224.5
Applied Biochemistry: 243
Medicine: 292.5
Science Education And Bio: 203
Chemistry Education: 199.5
Computer Science Education: 218
Inter science Education: 208
General Science Education: 230
Maths Education: 184
Physics Education: 182
Vocational Education: 237
Business Education: 228
Technical Education: 170.5
Radiography: 265.5
Nursing: 281
Sociology: 262.5
Psychology: 264.5
Political Science: 266
Fine Arts: 193
Geography And Metrology: 202
Quantity Surveys: 220
Medical Lab: 276
Applied Micro-Biology And Brewery: 249.5
Botany: 221
PAE: 232.5
Zoology: 212.5
Biology Science: 240
Computer Science: 254
Geological Science: 233.5
Mathematics: 208.5
Philosophy: 235
Music: 193
Morden European Studies: 234
Linguistics: 232
Adult Education: 213
Education Foundation: 225.5
Education Management And Policy: 236
Early Childhood (education): 222.5
Guidance And Counselling: 227
Hpe: 206
Lib Science: 233
Bio Science Engineering: 198
Chemistry Engineering: 236
Civil Engineering: 242
Elect Engineering: 241.5
Electric And Computer Engineering: 253.5
Industry And Production: 233.5
Mechanical Engineering: 233.5
Metal And Material Engineering: 225
Polymer And Textile: 196.5
Accountancy: 267.5
Bank And Finance: 265
Business Administration: 267
CEM: 245
Marketing: 260
Public Administration: 268.5
Architecture: 229
Building: 218.5
Environmental Management: 194

Our Sincere Prayer am hope is that the Unizik follow this pattern this year as we still curiously wait for the unizik 2012/2013 admission list to be released.

Your Input Matters alot, don’t hesitate to use the comment box to said with us, your suggestions on this issue and Together, let us put head together and lets discuss the 2012/2013 Nnamdi Azikwe University Cut off Marks For Admission.

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