2012 Neco Physics Specimen Questions And Answers. Free 2012 Neco Physics Expo

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General Needed Apparatus:
1. Mathematical table.
2. Calculators.
3. Graph paper.
4. Geometrical instrument.

Specific Apparatus:
Metre rule.
Knife edge
About 1.5m length of thread 50g mass covered and labeled M.
Masses of 10, 20, 30 and 40g.

Second Question:
500cm3 Measuring cylinder,
Two optical pins,
Two split corks,
Retort stand with clamp and boss,
Metre rule,

Third Question.
2V accumulator OR 2 x 1.5V dry Leclanch’ cell.
Plug key.
Five connecting wires.
Ammeter from [0-3A or 0-5A]

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