Student Tried killing Self Over Failure to Get Admitted!

Who should be blamed for this? The school system, Nigeria educational system, or the young 24 year old student?

LATEST information reaching our news desk today, is that a 24-yr-old student attempts suicide because of the fact, that he was unable to secure admission into his school of choice.

A 24-year-old female prospective pre-degree student has attempted to kill herself after she failed to see her full name on the admissions list of the tertiary institution she applied to, and was eagerly awaiting the admission list.

The Dailyschoolnews Nigeria correspondent, Glory, did gathered that the lady (we won’t mention her name for her privacy) had logged on to the academic institution’s official website and was totally shocked to see that her name was not included in the admission list.


Not too long after she discovered that her name was not on the admission list, she decided to take her own life by taking poison but her roommate noticed and called for help immediately.

The female student was immediately rushed to the hospital where doctors confirmed she had ingested poisonous substance, an apparent suicide attempt.

We were also able to reach her friend, who disclosed that she is presently recuperating after receiving treatment in the Hospital.

Please we should learn and know, that taking our lives is not going to solve the problem, but create a problem which is unsolvable, the loss of a loved ones.

Do you think your parents, brothers, sisters, friends, family members, church members will be happy?
Please do consider this option before deciding to commitee suicide.

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