Real Reason On IMSU Vice Chancellor Indefinite Suspension

There has been a lot of reasons, or permit me to say, lots of rumours as to why the Vice Chancellor of Imo State University (IMSU) was placed on Indefinite Chancellor.

Mostly, in the Imo State University and in Nigeria educational sector general, there has been lots of reasons as to why the VC, Professor Awuzie was placed on indefinite suspension by the Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

The good aspect of having an educational blog like this, is having friends in all Academic institutions who are willing to split the bean on issues like this.

Imo State University

Our correspondent, Glory, took off to IMSU to visit some of friends who happen to be pals of both Prof. Awuzie and Mr. Governor to find out why the Governor went all out to embarass a man he single-handedly installed in his first term as Governor of Imo State.

Continued: Report From Glory

On getting to IMSU where we spent most of our time with these friends while watching the NASS Election which is currently ongoing, we could not help, but appreciate Prof. Awuzie for what he’s done and achieved so far.

For sure, he did not meet the requirements for Vice Chancellor of the prestige School, but we must not hide the truth.

While at IMSU yesterday, i couldn’t help but discovered, that there are lots of new and gigantic buildings in the school, which truly attest to the fact, the the VC, Professor Awuzie was really and truly dedicated to duty.

I was able to learn, during our discussion, that the new school buildings are products of TETFUND and that Prof. Awuzie was consciously managing this fund to give IMSU a face-lift, to surprise and show other Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, how to run a Varsity.

Be that as it may, we can authoritatively inform the general public, or anyone who is reading this today, that Gov. Owelle Rochas Okorocha directly asked the VC, to release the TETFUND to him, the Governor, for the payment of salaries , gratuities and arrears. This is not far from the obvious truth that the coffers of our dear State is not only empty but that we are heavily indebted.

True to his color and replying directly to Mr. Governor, Prof. Awuzie stated plainly, that he WON’T release the TETFUND to the governor, saying that he CANNOT divert funds meant for the development of the University.

Anyone can agree to this, and if you knew Prof. Awuzie back in his days as ASUU Chairman, you’re surely aware that he can be positively adamant. After several attempts to take the TETFUND from Awuzie, Governor Rochas decided to embarrass the unyielding Substantive Vice Chancellor with an indefinite suspension.

The newly appointed Vice Chancellor of the Varsity, Professor Adaobi Obasi is not just Mr. Governor’s first cousin but did babysit the Governor when he was a baby (I can not attest to this fact, although the source were 100% sure of this)

She is said to be iron fist, Good nature, but is willing, to take the entire Fund in question to the Governor without any remorse.

More details will soon be released regarding this information.

Important Note:
Please, dear readers, be aware that Dailyschoolnews Nigeria did not write this, but got it from a source.
The Governor and Vice Chancellor can reply us through our contact form to verify this issue.

Our main concern, is that Education in Nigeria, will be compared and able to compete with top educational systems around the world.

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