Nasarawa State University (Nsuk)

Nasarawa State University PostGraduate Application Form on Sale – 2015/16

Using this platform, the Dailyschoolnews Nigeria team wishes to inform the general public, that the management board of the Nasarawa State University (Nsuk) has announced the sales of the institution online postgraduate application form for the 2015/2016 academic session.



The school management has disclosed that for all interested applicants, mus possess the following for admission into the NSUK Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Programmes, and this includes;

A minimum of Bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) at upper credit level from a recognize Tertiary institution like University or Polytechnic.

All applicants must posses a NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate/letter.

Applicants are also required to possess a 5’0 Level credit passes, which must include the following subjects, like:
English Language,

Any other qualification acceptable to the Senate of Nasarawa State University, Keffi.


Available Programmes

  • Department of Business Administration
    1. PGD (Business Admin/ Mgt) (Part-Time )
    2. MBA (General)
    3. MBA Entrepreneurship (Part-Time)
    4. MBA Marketing (Part-Time)
    5. MBA Management (Part-Time)
    6. MBA Human Resources (Part-Time)
    7. MBA Finance (Part-Time)
    8. MBA Insurance (Part-Time )
    9. M.Sc. Business Administration (Full-Time )
  • Department of Public Administration
    1. PGDPA (Public Administration) (Part-Time)
    2. MPA (General) (Part Time)
    3. MPA (Personnel Admin) (Part-Time)
    4. MPA (Public Policy Analysis) (Part-Time)
    5. MPA (Local Govt. Admin) (Part-Time)
    6. M.Sc. Public Administration (Full-Time)
  • Department of Accounting
    1. PGDAF (Accounting & Finance) (Part-Time)
    2. M.Sc. Accounting and Finance (Full-Time)
    3. Master in Public Sector
      Accounting (MIPSA)
    4. MIPSA (Public Financial Mgt.) (Part-Time)
    5. MIPSA (Tax Management) (Part-Time)
    6. MIPSA (Treasury Management) (Part-Time)
    7. MIPSA (Public Audit Mgt.) (Part-Time)

    • Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension
      1. PGD Agric. Economics & Extension (Part-Time)
        • Agric. Econs & Extension option
        • Farm Management option (Part-Time)
      2. M.Sc Agricultural Economics (Full-Time)
      3. Ph.D Agricultural Economics (Full-Time)
      4. M.Sc Agricultural Extension (Full-Time)
      5. Ph.D Agricultural Extension (Full-Time)
    • Department of Agronomy
      1. PGD Agronomy (Part-Time)
        • Crop Science option (Part-Time)
        • Crop Protection option Soil and Water Management (Part-Time)
      2. M.Sc Crop Science (Full-Time)
      3. Ph.D Crop Science (Full-Time)
      4. M.Sc Soil Science (Full-Time)
      5. Ph.D Soil Science (Full-Time)
      6. M.Sc Crop Protection (Full-Time)
      7. Ph.D Crop Protection (Full-Time)
    • Department of Animal Science
      1. PGD Animal Science (Part-Time)
      2. M.Sc Animal Science (Full-Time)
      3. Ph.D Animal Science (Full-Time)

    • Department of English
      1. M.A. & Ph.D. English (Full-Time)
      2. M.A. & Ph.D Literature in English (Full-Time)
    • History Department
      1. M.A. & Ph.D. History (Full-Time)
    • Department of Languages & Linguistics
      1. M.A. & Ph.D. Linguistics (Full-Time)
      2. M.Sc Animal Science (Full-Time)
    • Department of Islamic Studies
      1. M.A & Ph.D Islamic Studies (Full-Time)
    • Department of Religious Studies
      1. M.A Sociology of Religion (Full-Time)
      2. M.A Biblical Studies New Testament (Full-Time)
      3. M.A African Traditional Religion (Full-Time)
      4. M.A Philosophy & Ethics (Full-Time)
      5. M.A & Ph.D Religious Studies (Full-Time)
      6. Ph.D Church History (Full-Time)
      7. Ph.D Biblical Studies (Full-Time)

    • PGDE (Education) (Part-Time)
      1. PGDAP (Educational Admin & Planning) (Part-Time)
      2. M.Ed. & Ph.D Measurement & Evaluation (Full-Time)
      3. M.Ed. & Ph.D Mathematics Education (Full-Time)
      4. M.Ed. & Ph.D Educational Psychology (Full-Time)
      5. M.Ed. & Ph.D Science Education (Full-Time)
      6. M.Ed & Ph.D Educational Admin. Planning (Full-Time)
      7. M.Ed Philosophy of Education (Full-Time)
      8. Ph.D Philosophy and Ethnics (Full-Time)

    • Department of Geography
      1. PGD. Environmental Resource Management (Part-Time)
      2. M.Sc. & Ph.D. Environmental Resource MGT (Full-Time)
      3. M.Sc. & . Ph.D. Climatology (Full-Time)
      4. M.Sc. Ph.D . Geomorphology (Full-Time)
    • Department of Sociology
      1. M.Sc. Sociology (Full –Time)
      Areas of specialization are:
      – Criminology &
      Criminal Justice; Medical Sociology; Gender
      Studies; Industrial Sociology; Sociology of Development.
    • Department of Political Science
      1. M.Sc. Public Policy Analysis (Full-Time)
      2. M.Sc. International Relations (Full-Time)
      3. M.Sc. Political Economy & Devt. Studies (Full-Time)
    • Department of Economics
      1. PGD Economics (Part-Time)
      2. M.Sc Economics (Full-Time)
      3. Ph.D Economics (Full-Time)

    • Department of Geology & Mining
      1. PGD Geology & Mining (Part-Time)
      2. M.Sc. & Ph.D. Geology & Mining (Full-Time)
      3. M.Sc. & Ph.D. Mineral Exploration (Full-Time)
      4. M.Sc. & Ph.D. Sedimentology (Full-Time)
    • Department of Chemistry
      1. M.Sc. & Ph.D Chemistry (Full-Time)
    • Department of Biological Sciences
      1. PGD Biodiversity & Conservation Management (Part-Time)
      2. M.Sc. & Ph.D Plant Genetics & Breeding (Full-Time)
      3. M.Sc. & Ph.D Plant Science & Breeding (Full-Time)
      4. M.Sc & Ph.D Zoology (Applied Hydro Biology & Fisheries (Full-Time)
      5. M.Sc & Ph.D Zoology (Applied Entomology & Parasitology (Full-Time)
      6. PGD Microbiology (Part-Time)
      7. M.Sc. & Ph.D Microbiology (Full-Time)
    • Department of Mathematics
      1. M.Sc. & Ph.D Mathematics (Full-Time)
    • Department of Physics
      1. PGD Physics (Radiation) (Part-Time)
      2. PGD Physics (Elect. & Communication) (Part-Time)
      3. M.Sc. Physics (Elect. & Communication) (Full-Time)
      4. M.Sc. Physics (Plasma) (Full-Time)
      5. M.Sc. Physics (Radiation & Medical) (Full-Time)
      6. PGD Physics (Geophysics) (Part-Time)
      7. M.Sc. Physics (Geophysics) (Part-Time)


    1. LLM (Full-Time)
    2. Ph.D Law (Full-Time)

Requirements for Admission Into Masters Programmes

The school senate has agreed that all applicants into her master programmes must possess the following which are listed below, and these includes:

All applicants for the NSUK master programme should possess a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of second class honours from recognized institutions.
Applicants are also required to have a postgraduate diploma in relevant field.

The NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate/letter is another important document required from all candidates.

Importantly, all applicants are required to have a 5’0 Level credit passes, including English Language and Mathematics.

Requirements for Admission Into Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programmes

All Applicants, applying for admission into the Nassawara State University (nsuk) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programmes, should note that they are required to have the following documents as listed below:

All Ph.D applicants must possess a Master’s degree programme from recognized universities with a minimum of 4.00 CGPA or 60% cumulative average.

Another important document required from applicants is the NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate/letter.

Applicants must possess a 5’0 Level credit passes, including important subjects like English Language and Mathematics.

(Holders of professional Masters Degree are not eligible to apply directly for any of the Ph.D programmes)

All Interested Applicants are to note the followings:

The Nasarawa State University (Nsuk) post graduate application forms are sold online at the school official portal:

When the website loads up, proceed and select “Prospective students” link,
Then select ‘apply online the postgraduate school.

When registering, please follow all instructions on the page.

Application Form cost N15, 000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only), Which is payable using e-Transact payment platform in any branches of the following banks which are mentioned below:

Diamond Bank plc,
Eco Bank plc,
FCMB Bank plc,
First Bank plc,
Mainstreet Bank plc,
Keystone Bank plc,
United Bank of Africa (UBA) plc,
Zenith Bank plc,
Unity Bank plc.

The application closing date starts from the 30th of March, 2015 and May 29, 2015.

All applicant are humbly requested to check the University official website for detailed guidelines and procedures for the application procedure and further information.

Also note that the Nsuk Pre-Qualifying examinations will be conducted by the management.

Fees for Application

Application Fees: N15,000.00
Transaction charge: N300.00

How to Complete your Online Application

Please read the instructions below carefully and adhere strictly to the processes provided in your online application in order to ensure that your online application is submitted successfully. Please note that only applications that are completed successfully will be processed.

Before you commence this application, kindly see the entry requirements for your desired program.

The following are the steps you will follow in your application; read all the steps before you begin.

First go to Bank:

All interested candidates should note that the NSUK application form is N15,000 only, while online payment transaction charge is N300, which makes it a total of N15,300.

Please pay this amount through etranzact pin vending to any branch of the banks which were listed below;

Diamond Bank plc,
Eco Bank plc,
FCMB Bank plc,
First Bank plc,
Mainstreet Bank plc,
Keystone Bank plc,
United Bank of Africa (UBA) plc,
Zenith Bank plc,
Unity Bank plc.

Please note that when you’ve made a successful payment, you will be given eTranzact pin or confirmation number.

Please, pay with a valid email address and other details as it may be required by the bank.

Step 1


To commence a successful registration online, you can proceed and click on the “Click here to start your application” on the top of the page of this link

When filling the application form, take note that you will be required to provide the following as listed below;

Your original Bio-data,
Contact address along,
Your valid email address,
A password for you to login later.

Then proceed and click on save. The institution portal automatically sent a mail to the email address you provided, if you check your inbox and it is not there, please check your spam folder.

Please note that you will be required to click the link that is sent to your email in order to proceed to step 2.

Step 2


After clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email, login with the email and password provided in step 1, then click on “edit application”,

Then proceed and provide all details in the required fields, click on save and next step.

The next step will take you to step 2, where you will be required to provide your academic qualifications up till date. You can add your Qualification by clicking the “add qualification” button.

It is very important for all applications to provide only relevant qualifications.

Take note that the school institution allowed only 5 qualifications.

Also ensure that you provide your next of kin details and your NYSC record. Save and move to step 3.

Step 3

Providing YOUR SSCE Details:

The 3rd step is where you will be required to provide your SSCE details, including the results, etc.

Please, select all that is applicable and provide the correct Grade which you obtained in three most relevant subjects in addition to the following subjects below;
English Language.

Save and move to Step 4.

Step 4

The next step is 4, and here is the place where you will be required to upload your passport photograph.

To ensure that your application is accepted and successful, please ONLY upload a recent and clear passport size image. Note without a clear image of applicant, admission processing may be stagnant and might be rejected.

Likewise, it is very important for all candidates to note, that they will be required to provide details of three (3) referees by clicking on the Add Referee button.

Please, provide the following;

Valid Email Address of your Referee because a Reference Form link will be send to this email for them to Complete on your behalf and any application without completed Referee report will not be processed.

Then proceed and select your proposed programme, select other details.

Tick the declaration box, save and move to Step 5.

Step 5

Payment Guidelines:

Step 5 is paying for the programme. You can pay for the NSUK postgraduate programme using this guidelines.

All applicants will be required to select their payment option.

You can select the e-Tranzact Card, then click on “select and pay fee”.

Then scroll to the bottom, enter the e-Tranzact confirmation number or PIN obtained from the bank and click verify.

Please take note that your payment will be verified and you can print your application receipt with your “Applicant ID”.

All applicants should note that they are required to have to quote the “Applicant ID” in all future correspondence with the Postgraduate school in regards to your admission.

Step 6

Print Relevant Forms:

This is very important, all applicants, after following the last 5 steps, the next step is printing out relevant and important files.

Once you have successfully paid the fee. Take note that the printing the following document is very important.

verification of your payment/download of application payment receipt, sign out or close your browser window.

Click the link: to returning applicant login page, select Postgraduate, and log in with your email and password. Print relevant forms;

  • Payment receipt
  • Application Summary
  • Transcript request form

Important Note:

  • All applicants, applying for admission into the Ph.D programme should note that they are required to send an email, one page concise description of their proposed research interest to the NSUK admission officer mail, at
    Please when sending the email describing your proposed research interest, ensure that you use your email from the online application and quote your applicant ID/Programme applied for in the email subject line.
  • Another important note for applicants, is that they are required to request their former institutions to forward their transcript directly to (using the transcript request form) to the Nasarawa State University (Nsuk):
    The Secretary,
    School of Postgraduate Studies,
    Nasarawa State University,
    P.M.B. 1022,
    Keffi, Nasarawa State.
  • Please note that once your application is successful, and you are offered admission by the Nasarawa State University, you will be required to pay your fees fully at the commencement of registration.

If you have any question about the application submission or any issues, don’t hesitate to send an email to: Please, do not forget to quote your Applicant ID for better and personal help.

All Returning Applicant

Please note that if you have completed the first step (step 1) of your application and verified your email, or if you want to login to your profile to check your application status, use this link: to login.

How To Apply For Nasarawa State University Postgraduate School

  1. Firstly, to commence your registration for the Nsuk postgraduate school, you will be required to visit the designated bank (banks listed above) to pay your applicable application fee through e-Tranzact pin vending.
  2. After paying the fee, proceed and visit the NSUK website, proceed and click on the admission and complete your application online (see apply online tab for more details)
  3.  When you’ve done so, proceed and print out the required forms (Application Payment receipt, Transcript form, Referee Form, 3 copies)
  4.  Then login to your online profile regularly to check admission status, you may receive email/SMS to know if you’ve been admitted or note.
  5.  When you are offered admission to study your choice course, you can accept the provisional admission online by paying the applicable admission fee through e-Tranzact pin vending.
  6. Once you have made a successful payment of admission fee, proceed and download the provisional admission letter and screening form and proceed to school for admission processing on announced resumption date.
  7. The next step is that you will be required to go for admission screening at designated location.The following document will be required for screening; you cannot be screened without them.
    • Downloaded and printed Provisional admission letter (control document)
    • Downloaded, printed and completed screening form
    • Original/copy of NYSC certificate
    • Original/copy of O-level result/ certificate
    • Original/copy of first degree certificate or equivalent document
    • Original/copy Master degree certificate (PhD applicants)
  8. After a successful screening, you will be provided with your own personal matric number.
  9. Then proceed and visit , then select “Current student” and click on pay school fees.
    The next step is to select pin vending option and click on pay fees now.
    Likewise, you will be required to enter your provided matric number and click get fee detail.
    Also make sure that you Download payment invoice, print and take it to the bank and pay the stated amount through e-tranzact pin vending.
  10. Once done, you are required to visit the school portal back at select current student and click pay school fees, select pin vending and click pay fees now, enter your matric no like in step 9 above but instead of download payment invoice, click “select payment option”,  select pin vending then click “select and pay fee”, enter your confirmation number from bank, click on verify.
  11. When you have done a successful payment, you will get your school fees payment receipt, and a login pin. Print out the school fees payment receipt and keep a copy.
  12. Please visit the school portal at; then select “current student” and click portal login, enter you matric number and pin from your receipt to login.
  13. Another important thing here, is for all candidates/applicants to complete their profile with accurate information.
    Don’t forget to print out your student information form (SIF), then register your required semester courses, print out your Course registration form (CRF).
  14. Importantly, you will also be required to submit your SIF, CRF and Payment Receipt to your department to complete your registration.
  15. Lastly, once again, you’re are Welcome to academic life at Nasarawa State University Keffi (NSUK).


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