NYSC 2016: Important Notice To All Prospective 2016 Batch A Corps Members

Breaking news reaching our educational news publishing desk today, is that the management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) wishes to inform all prospective Batch A 2016 corps members of the following important message, all Corps members should please, take note of this message;

1. It is very hard-to-rectify mistakes corps members made during registration. Please take note and try to avoid mistakes during registration:

a. Proxy Registration; You should avoid the registration by proxy, this is very important, all affected PCM can not register at camp because the biometrics is not his/hers, so endeavour to register yourself, so the computer will match your biometrics when you go to camp, this is very important.

b. Mixed up Registration: When using a cyber cafe, it’s advisable you do the registration yourself, you’re a graduate! So you must know how to operate a computer. The issue which is faced by several corps members is “mixed up registration”. We disclosed that some cybercafe operators are trying to make money faster, by registering more than one persons at a time in one computer by opening 2 or more tabs on the same browser. If you’re a professional, this might be okay, but humans are prompted to make mistakes, and as we all know, the computer will take everything in, and when you go to your camp, that is when the real problem starts.

The issue of registering more than one corps members using different tabs in one browser might causes mix-up in the PCMs information which is hard to rectify. So our candid advise to you, is to sit with the person registering you and make sure he/she doesn’t register another person at same time they are registering you, to avoid mistakes and regrets. When you want go somewhere before the person registering your account on the portal finishes with you, please do tell him or her to log you out before he starts with somebody. This way, you will avoid any types of mix-up.

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c. Another mistakes corps to-be make, is allowing cafe operator to use their email address to register you. As a student and graduate, you are supposed to have an email address, either with Gmail or YahooMail.

However, if for some reasons, you don’t have an email ID, kindly ask the operator to create one for you and make sure, your phone number is used for the registration. After successfully registering, ensure you get the details, which includes Email address and the password. Keep them safe because you’ll need them in nearest future!

d. While for women who are legally married, please ensure that while going for the NYSC registration, you go with your marital documents. The important thing you’ll need to note here, is that while registering, do choose married online and upload the documents during registration. In the column to input your spouse surname, make sure you put the correct surname you are using after marriage, not your parent surname, but your husband.

e. While for all sick individuals with various health issues, make sure you indicate the challenges you’re facing and the type of sickness, also provide all other details and upload medical report for verification.

f. For military and SSS, don’t forget to indicate and provide all other relevant info and upload the required documents, so the NYSC board will be able to verify your claims.

g. However, if you are a foreign trained graduate (from a different country, but want to enroll in the NYSC programme) please make sure you read the registration requirements and upload all required documents.

When you’ve successfully registered, login to your account time to time for information asking you to update some of your documents. The consequences of not uploading the required documents may lead you not been mobilized eventually.

2. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has opened the registration portal for registration of 2016 Batch A. corps! Do follow this link and click on Registration for mobilisation Batch A 2016 http://portal.nysc.org.ng

3. Email Confirmation; For candidates who are having issues with email confirmation, should please start new registration with the same email address, we’re sure that the confirmation email will be sent to your email id now.

While for those candidates who made successful payment and didn’t see their callup number on their dashboard, kindly login back to your account, you’ll see them once you log in. We are sorry for the technical problem.

4. Payment Issues; For all members who made payment direct to bank and are yet to receive their pin via sms, please scan the receipt, which was given to you from the bank and send it to this email address;


Include other important information like email and phone number. While for those who made payment online using ATM card and their account was debited while the payment is not reflecting in your dashboard, please drop your name and email address here. Sorry for the challenges.

5. Lastly, for those whose names fell under error list, please kindly go and inform your institutions to correct and upload the names from now to Friday, the 12th of February.

Goodluck to all Corps Members!

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