Madonna University (madonna)

Madonna University Constructs Nigeria Biggest, longest and Largest Examination hall

Yeah, you heard and read tat right, The Madonna University Management did constructs the Biggest, longest and Largest Examination hall in Nigeria, and we have pictures to proof it.

Information which we received and verified stated that the Madonna University has erected what the school management is claiming to be the longest and possibly the largest examination hall in Nigeria academic institutions, and till date.

According to information released by the school, they named the hall is ‘Edeh’s Ark’, which is the name of the school chancellor’s name, Reverend Emmanuel Matthew Paul Edeh.

According to the student who uploaded the above picture, he said and we quote below:

“The very idea behind this building, is that several examination will he held at the same time and there will be total space for all classes taking the examination.

No congestion, noise or lack of hall anymore for students of Madonna University.

The student disclosed that if you are any examination in this “Edeh’s Ark ” hall, OYO is your case as students from different levels are made to sit side-by-side, and it is large enough to fit all students.

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