Federal Polytechnic Bonny (fedpolybonny)

List of Courses Offered in Federal Polytechnic Bonny (Oil & Gas)

Latest news reaching us today, is that the remedial programme for the Federal Polytechnic Bonny has already started, while the registration of all newly admitted students has been scheduled.

There has been numerous questions from our readers, asking questions through comments here and on our social media pages and profiles, and some of the popular questions are;

“What are the courses offered in the Federal Oil and Gas polytechnic Bonny”?

Federal Polytechnic Bonny (fedpolybonny)

We’re here to serve our readers with the complete and accurate information on Nigerian education, and here are the list of courses which are offered in the Federal Oil and Gas Polytechnic Bonny Island.

List of Courses Offered in the Federal Polytechnic Bonny Island

a. Corrosion Engineering
– Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry
– Corrosion Control in Industry and Plant
– Advanced Cathodic Protection

b. Health & Safety Training
– Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
– Confined Space Entry
– Behavior Based Safety (BBS)
– H2S Awareness & Breathing Apparatus
– Basic Fire-Fighting
– Incident Investigation
– Permit to Work (PTW)
– Process Safety (PHA)
– Waste Management
– Basic Hazardous Chemical Handling
– Hazardous Material Management
– Quality Management System
– Working at Heights
– Human Kinetics and Manual Handling
– Supervising Safety

Natural Gas Engineering
– Fundamentals of Natural Gas Technology
– Gas Processing Operation
– Design and Operation of Gas Gathering Systems
– Development of Natural

– Formation Evaluation
– Well Log Interpretation Principles and Application

There are several other listed courses, but the school portal listed them as “coming soon” and this page is updated on February 2016. So there is absolutely no need to list the courses here.

But be fully assured, that we will be updating this page with more information, regarding the courses offered in Federal Polytechnic Bonny.

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