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Latest ASUP Strike Update: Polytechnic lecturers Might Call off Strike Today

The Dailyschoolnews team wishes to inform the general public, who have been paying much attention to the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP) versus the Federal Government Strike that has been ongoing for over two months now.

We have also stated in our previous post here on Dailyschoolnews, that the ASUP meeting with the Federal Government.

And here is the Latest update on Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) Strike.

According to report reaching us from THE NATION NEWSPAPER, which was shared on the 25th, June 2013, PAGE 6 that the strike is likely to be suspended today.

Please note that we encourage you that you should go grab a copy of THE NATION NEWSPAPER (page 6) and read it yourself.
(For those who want to confirm it, please note it is in a very small column in the Newspaper)

However, most polytechnic students are arguing on social network, arguing that they are not too sure if ASUP are fighting for their own good or for the students.
However, we pledged to dig more and bring to you the issue in contention.
We have made some calls to our friends in one of the polytechnics in Nigeria and He assured us that all the Nigerian polytechnics students will resume School on the 1st of July, 2013. (As always, we pray this be true)

According to our observation, here is what is happening between ASUP and the Federal Government.
The issues in contention includes:

1. The “worrisome state of State owned Polytechnics in the country,
2. The release of the White Paper on the Visitations to Federal Polytechnics
3. The need for the commencement of the Needs Assessment of Nigerian Polytechnics.”
4. The migration of the lower cadres on the CONTISS 15 salary scale.
5. The continued appointment of unqualified persons as rectors and provosts of polytechnics, monotechnics and colleges of technologies by some state governments
6. The refusal of State government to implement the approved salary packages (CONPCASS) for their polytechnics, monotechnics and colleges of technologies
7. The 65 year retirement age.”
8. The insistence of the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation to include Federal Polytechnics in the IPPIS module as against the union’s protestations while other arms of the tertiary education subsector are allowed to maintain the statusquo.
9. The establishment of a National Polytechnics Commission (NPC).
10. The acceleration of the “pace of the review of the Federal Polytechnics Act at the National Assembly,”
11. The “reluctance of the Office of the Head of Service to approve the Revised Scheme of Service for Polytechnics
12. The non commencement of the re-negotiation of the FGN/ASUP agreement as contained in the signed agreement.

We also pledge to keep you informed about latest information regarding the ASUP strike.

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