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JAMB CBT Exam Time? is it 3 Hours or More?

THIS is now the question on MOST JAMBites who are yet to write their CBT examination! Recent questions from candidates have shown that MOST candidates don’t know the exact time frame which will be given to them to finish up their examination.

However, recent reports, from candidates who have already sat for the examination, have disclosed on Facebook, that the time which was given to them, to start and finish their examination, is just 3 Hours.

Some candidates are even lamenting of this treatment, crying out, that this would affect their overall performance.

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We’ve also seen that JAMB has planed with several schools, who are conducting the C.B.T examination, to perpetrate automatically, log off candidate immediately it is 3 hours.

Here’s a detailed guideline on how to write JAMB C.B.T examination fast and answer all questions!

However, there was recent report that JAMB will be cutting the time frame given to candidates writing the JAMB C.B.T examination, but they did not get out the information on time, to the general public, and this is affecting candidates performance!

Please do share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, let them know, that the allocated time for writing the JAMB C.B.T examination, is only 3 Hours!

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