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JAMB 2015 Examination Nightmares – Matters Arising

Another drama has commence once again for some Jambites! It’s really a sad state of affair, that after traveling several distances to write their examination, some students were totally heart broken, to discover that their names and serial number has not been generated by JAMB officials.

According to latest information reaching our news desk today, when our correspondent visited some centers on the 11th and 12th, she discovered that some candidates were loitering around the facility, after some discussion with these students, to her shock, she discovered that these students registered through cyber cafes, which were not approved by JAMB.

The most disturbing issue here, is that some of these students do have in possession of registration numbers, but these registration numbers were not from JAMB, that means, their dream of entering the school of their choice this year has been shattered.

You recalled that we shared here on Dailyschoolnews Nigeria, an important article, warning all aspirants, NOT to register on Cyber cafes, but through JAMB approved centers! Ignorant, is not an excuse to the law. So all applicants who failed to register through approved center and failed to stick to set guidelines, will not see their JAMB result, even if they write the Exam.


According to a JAMB official, who also supervised one of the centres visited by our correspondent, Mr. Kunle Makinde, told Us that the affected candidates failed to follow JAMB’s guidelines, and here are his exact words in quotes:

“JAMB arranged everything to the extend, that all candidates who aspires to write the examination, are meant to collect a brochure and a customized compact disc, when they buy their scratch cards.
In the Brochure and compact disc, jamb filled it with detailed messages, which contain all information about accredited JAMB CBT centres, etc.Candidates are supposed to read through the brochure or see official reports before commencing their registration.”

However, when Mr Kunle was asked by our correspondent:
“what is the way forward for the affected applicants?
Is there any remedies to enable them write the examination?”

Here’s his reply:

“I’m afraid to say, but there’s absolutely nothing that JAMB can do to help these candidates, because they are now like candidates who failed to register, and anyone who failed to register won’t have their names on JAMB lists of 2015 Candidates.

The truth of the matter, is that these candidates can not sit for the examination, as their data are not in JAMB server. The e-slip they have is a fake one. Mr. Kunle also disclosed, that if any candidates failed to register through JAMB approved centers, it means that JAMB do not have the candidates information on their server and they will have to wait till next year before writing the jamb examination.

He continued, saying: “The one big difference between the original e-slip issued by jamb and the fake e-slip issued by these cyber cafes, is that if you have the original, the serial number and the pin number must appear on the e-slip.”

But if yours did not appear on your e-slip, sadly, your e-slip is fake.”

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