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BEST Health and Fitness Tips For Students For 2015

Many of you are looking to get fitter for this year, right?
And some students even made a resolution about jogging, exercising among others to stay fit and healthy this year.

Well, we applause your decision, and you can even stay on track with these useful tips we have here for you today!

– Try as much as possible to eat a balanced diet.
– When ever you’re chanced, try to be outside and active for more than 30 minutes a day.
– Water is life, so ensure you drink plenty of water (good for your skin and your exercise plans)
– Don’t forget the powers of vitamins! Make sure you eat fruits and vegetables everyday!
– Please allow yourself 8 hours of sleep for your body to rest and recover from the day

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Health Fact:

Do you know CARROTS?
Are you aware that carrots are low in calories and just one carrot can provides over 200% of your daily Vitamin A requirement?

That’s not even the fun part! the fun part is this:

“Eating carrots cleanses the body,
promotes healthier skin,
Slows down ageing.

So why not try one carrot a day for a few months and let’s hear your results.

Just don’t forget that you must have a healthy and balanced diet too!

Adjustable Dumbbells?
This is for the guys who want to be fit, ripped and muscular! Have you ever heard of adjustable dumbbells?


What are Adjustable Dumbbells
Adjustable dumbbells are fitness equipment, which is solely built for the purpose of exercising, building muscles and staying fit. There are different kind of adjustable dumbbells, with different purpose and goals.

There are lots of body building equipments in the market today, but adjustable dumbbells surpass them all.

7 Commandments To Staying Healthy!

1. Be Fearless to try out new exercises.
2. Be Positive that you can achieve it.
3. Be Dedicated to the goals you set for yourself.
4. Be Confident and never disqualify yourself as weak.
5. Be Motivated by people around you who are healthy.6. Be Consistent.
7. Be active

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