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Advice To All Candidates Writing JAMB CBT – Must Read

Before we start sharing with you, we would love to wish you all, who are writing this examination, success as you start your exams. Here are some great advices we have for You!

1: GOD:
One thing you should NEVER forget, is to trust in God. You should take note that if you failed the JAMB CBT test, the probability of gaining admission is cut short by 80%! So the fear of CBT and JAMB alone is enough to destabilise a candidate, thus leading to Exam failure.

2: Confidence:
There’s nothing admired in a candidate more than confidence! You need to develop a strong confidence and passion for success to be able to succeed in the examination.

3: Answering Questions:
Take note that when you’re writing the Jamb UTME examination, it is NOT A MUST that you must answer a question before moving to answer the next one! If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, just click on the skip button below that page and move on to the next question! Remember, you have only 3 hours, 30 minutes to answer all questions.

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There is no point wasting time on subject you aren’t good at. Start with your simplest subject and then with the next one.

Don’t make the mistake of wasting your time, trying to figure out and answer a particular question, once a particular questions is taking much of your time, ensure you jump to the next one.
N.B: you can always jump from one question to another (e.g from 1 to 45) and likewise subject. Be wise about this. These are minor things to note. Violation of them could lead to failure. You should take heed to this important advice.

4: Time Consciousness
Just like i stat above, you should always try to be time conscious, this is one of the biggest trait to passing and scoring high in the JAMB CBT Examination! Unlike PPT and other methods of examination, in CBT, once it is the time when the examination is set to finish, the computer automatically submits your answer and shuts off.

You should also make sure, that you schedule time for each subject as that would motivate you to meet up with your target. Here’s how you can optimize your time.
60 minutes for Use of English,
40 minutes for Biology,
40 minutes for Physics,
40 minutes for Chemistry ( which sum up to 3hours).

Then you Could use the remnants for the general review of your answers.

When answering the jamb questions and you come across a question you know, don’t be too excited and choose the wrong option. Be sure you select the correct option.

Don’t choose 50cm for 50mm. Answer your questions carefully and prayerfully to avoid mistakes.

I have noticed that sometimes, your fellow candidate might turn out and make you fail. While you’re in the examination hall, CONCENTRATE!

Don’t be distracted in the examination Hall by candidates who don’t love their future, who are discussing or others who are jeopardizing their future by involving in any format of malpractice. Focus on your computer system and surge for the best.

We wish you, the VERY best! If you have time, do share this piece of advice with your friends on Social Network!

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