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We would Suspend The Strike!! ASUU Governing Body

This is to inform all students whose school are under ASUU, that ASUU has just announced and made it public that they have no plan to suspend the strike!.

This is coming from the National President of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Dr Nasir Isa Fagge, who has accused the Federal Government of paying lip service to education in Nigeria and vowed that the on-going indefinite strike action will not be suspended until the union’s demands are met by the federal government.

Dr Nasir Isa Fagge also revealed that ASUU had duly communicated the Federal Government through the Minister of Education, Professor Ruqayyatu Ahmed on the strike contrary to the position of the minister that government was not officially informed about the current asuu strike.

Dr Nasir Isa Fagge, who spoke with newsmen in Abuja on Thursday, the 4th of July 29013, said that university lecturers have come to the realisation that the Nigerian government was not serious about addressing the decay and rotting the university system in the country.

Dr Fagge also said that ASUU was quite aggrieved that the report of the Needs Assessment Committee of Nigerian Universities has been dumped by the Federal Government.

According to Fagge, the report encapsulated the decay and rot in the nation’s university system.

Dr Fagge went further to say this: “You are quite familiar with the Needs Assessment report on public universities in Nigeria.”

“The report was submitted to the federal government in July 2012, which is exactly one year now, and up till now the federal government has down nothing about it.”

Dr Fagge also added that the position of ASUU was that government must implement the recommendations of the committee, stressing that the committee gave far-reaching recommendations that if implemented would bring about a dramatic turn-around in the Nigerian University system.

The ASUU President also said that: “They were told that the report has been forwarded to the Federal Executive Council (FEC) and the National Economic Council (NEC) and nothing has happened yet, which is to say that the ASUU strike will continue till something is done, which is that the ASUU demands are met!.

“We are not convinced that federal government is serious about addressing the rot in the nation’s university system.

Government is not keen about addressing the problems in education in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Federal Government is giving lame excuses.

“So, we are at liberty to withdraw our services when we see that the right thing is not being done.
Strike is a fundamental right of a worker. We will not suspend the strike as long as government remains indifferent to our demands,” National President of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Dr Nasir Isa Fagge said!.

What do you think???


  1. In a few weeks to come the strike would be over am certain of this. The federal government will honour every word in the agreement reached with ASUU.

  2. Muwafaq L. Danfulani

    The saying is that when two mighty elephant are fighting it is the grass on which they are fighting that suffers.

  3. Asuu pls and pls , call off this strike. We the students are fed up already. We beg u.

  4. We the grass is suffering why the 2 elephant are fighting(asuu & fg) PLS CALL OFF AM STILL GOING TO 6YEAR PROGRAM AN AM TAKING PRE-GREE AM ALREDY 19YEARS PLS GOVT DO SOMETHING

    • don’t bother ur self assu wil later regret y they were on strike, my annoyance with assu is dat they demand 130b now they’ve climb to 3 trillions they were not serious.

  5. Asuu nd strikes.watz diz,d 50th strike.au many demands wud they make,ain’t dat selfishness, geez.extending programmes like rubber bands.dont know w@ their beef wit fg iz bt dont dey know they’v gat people on d wait.plz asuu,put oz aut’ve our misery

  6. Pls Asuu try 2 call off, nd FG try 2 do something 4 Asuu’s ambition. We students, we ar tired abt dis disagreement (Dispute) b/w u. May God help us Ameen.

  7. since the federal govt has neglected us. I think its time to back off federal activities such as election. Since we the Nigerian student are not important…. NANS were are thou horn…. Aluta distroyed


  9. Is time for asuu to end this strike in our interest FG is trying their best what else do there want from FG most of us cannot even remember our reg no again because of strike

  10. Let intervain in this cus we are sick and tayard of this

  11. Oga @ d top tink 2ce. We re complainin abt d low standard of education nd u re nt helping matter. Dnt allow ur reign be d worse of all. All oda nations re mocking us nd u re nt even moved 2 do sumtin. Put urself in d shoes of dos who dnt av d money 4 private skulin nd abroad. Re u a leader or a ruler? Tink abt it nd do sumtin nw b4 it is too late

  12. What is all this? it is very clear that this strike of a thing is now a political issue.Mr Fagge & co,call off this strike or you will regret it

  13. dis people should cal off ds strike let go bak 2 skul,i dnt undstand dis whole tin..wat is al ds…

  14. asuu is just being selfish

  15. I’ll be what God says i’ll be. By faith asuu will call of d strike in jesus name. Amen

  16. @Fg…(i de help una de shame), we r talkin abt asuu, what abt other parasta, institu, everytin is grouded. Aren’t u ashamed of ur incompetency, irresponbility, self-centeredness, lack of wisdom nd knowledge etc. Do u ask urself ‘what can i or we do to make this great nation move forward’? Pls revive edu system nd others so dat tins can wrk again…..NIGERIA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY WE CAN TRULY CALL OUR OWN.

  17. abubakar you and ur family members are mad

  18. Asuu is under d influence of pride,destructive Politics nd blind ego and Fg can best safe d school system by SACKING dis ARROGANT,POLITICAL nd NARROW minded ASUU. Pls, dear Fg.

  19. exactly o. cnt evn remember d names of my courses anymore. i don taya

  20. Efreti Akpan, Calabar.

    Assu and FG, its high time you both put an end to this rebelion, you should knw that the issue of strike is noted in and outside the nation, we students have realised that one of you is lookin for the cake to enjoy. Anyhow, you should know that God is a jealous God. Pity us, bcos some of us have forgotten our Reg no, our dignity have equally been trampled upon such that illitrate begins to question us when we will graduate a 4yr course. God bless you if you repent.

  21. This agreement can be implemented gradually or by peace-meal. I sympathized with the leadership of ASUU. I agree that the education sector should be revamped but if you think or believe that it going to be because you go on strike, i doubt your ability to succeed. ASUU should draw a timeline for full implementation of whatsoever agreement that is. For effective implementation, it should be monitored.

  22. Draw a timeline for implementation of the agreement between ASUU and FG. ASUU go back to work while implementation continues.

  23. This is the real time 4 Asuu to embark on strike in other not to be embarrazed by Nigeria people.

  24. How i wished, the sons of the politicians in abroad studing are sent back home bcos of the ugly lingering strike planted at their home country, bcos of their soul called fathers in politics. . .

  25. y is’t bcos of chicken balance asuu is demanding from fg?fg kindly fufil asuu demand cos one of u were earning trillions of naira in this current administration.where all this nigeria mineral resources is, only crude oil alone is 459.5 billion u.s dollar as nigeria income and she is the 3rd richest country in africa after south africa and egypt. when u punch ur calculator in naira with this heavy weight currency, u will realize each nigeria citizen mostly the youth wil b receiving a salary without working.fg has kil us in this country.

  26. what kind of country is dis one naw……i hate u badluck jolantern u no wise if dem born ya mama well contest for next term….bastard you better give dem.the money and end all dis ignorance abi.no be asuu make.u.president abi if you no.sch.you go.rule


  27. Udomah Augustine Francis

    Federal Government and Asuu,joined head and thinks twice make a good decision that will help Nigerian students not 2 help Nigerian politic.

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