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2013/2014 Waec Examination Expo Released For Free! 2013 Waec Chemistry Questions And Answers.

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2013/2014 Waec Examination Expo Released!.
The current and latest Chemistry Expo Is Out.
Wow, i didn’t even have the slightest idea that most students needs this current 2013 waec questions and answers.
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So today, i have decided to share this waec 2013 examination expo for free, and this is the Chemistry 2013 waec current questions and answers for free.

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WAEC Chemistry 2013/2014 SPECIMENS


i. Red and Blue Litmus Paper
ii. Aqueous NH3
iii. Dilute HCl
iv. Barium Chloride Solution
vi. Dilute HNO3
vii. AgNO3
vii. Lime Water

→ Glass rod.
→ Filtration paper.
→ Spatula
→ Two boiling tubes
→ Four test tubes.
→ Methyl Orange
→ Wash Bottle containing distilled
water [H2O] [-]2.8cm3 of
concentrated H2SO4—An [-] 3?
9g of NaOH per dm3 of solution—Bn [-]6.6g of
(NH4)2SO4 per dm3— Cn [-] FeCl3 per dm3

Waec 2013 Free Chemistry Practicals: Questions to Expect!
The Questions to always expect on Chemistry is always TITRATION,
i Guess by now you should know how
to TABULATE your readings & at the same time, Manipulate your Readings to get Your end point.

N.B: Please note that your teacher will
give you an end point you will work on.

Practice How To Manipulate Your Table.
Always remember, this is one of the utmost key.
If your school’s end point is 23.30cm^3, you shouldn’t exceed or – 0.20.

That is, it is a thing of Plus or Minus 0.20.

If Your school’s end point is 23.30, please note that it is either your Answer is 21.30,

Likewise, please note that Your Volume of Pipette Used Should be noted on your answer sheet.
Indicator Used should also be noted.

However, to show how good you are,
you can also decide to tell the
examiner the solution in Burette and also the solution in Pipette.
This must be done before the Table.

Make sure that you do not forget to put the Units of all what you have calculated.

Also note that Any unit which is omitted, attracts a worrisome deduction of 1/2 (Half mark).
So Please, be very careful.

Do Make Reference to Your past Questions and answer booklets for More information on Titration in this year’s Waec 2013 Chemistry Examination.

_________ _________ TEST:
Cn Heat
Gas evolved.

NH3 form NH4
salt is present.

Test: Cn HCl
BaCl Observation:

White precipitate formed.
→ Insoluble in excess dilute HCl

SO4^2-, SO3^2-, CO3^2- suspected.
→ SO4^2- present.

Test: Dn NaOH Observation:
Reddish Brown Precipitate formed Insoluble in excess.

Inference: Fe3 present.

Test Dn aqueous NH3 Observation:
Reddish Brown.

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