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2013 Waec Biology Specimen – Waec 2013 Biology Questions and Answers

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Here are the specimens which we think will appear on the 2013 WAEC Examination for the Biology Practical.

Waec Biology Specimen 2013

Specimen A
Stem of cassava plant/sugar cane/sweet potato

Specimen B
Plantain/Banana/Pineapple sucker.

Specimen C
Runner of Grass.

Specimen D
Spirogyra filaments in water.

Specimen E
Lung of freshly killed goat.

Specimen F
Freshly preserved Toad.

Specimen G →1-
Water leaf plant with fresh stem.
(Talinum triangulare).

Specimen G →2.
Water leaf plant with fleshy stem.
(Left in cosin solution for minimum of six hours).

Specimen H
Freshly prepared iodine solution.

Specimen L
Skin of a goat/sheep/cow.

Specimen M:

Specimen N:
Shell of a giant African snail.

Specimen P:
Tuber of Irish potato.

Specimen Q
Twig of hibiscus/Bougainvillea.

Specimen R
Cassava cutting.

Specimen S
Hind wing of cockroach

2013 Waec Biology Specimen Questions.

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