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List of Courses Offered in Houdegbe North American University Cotonou, Benin

Today, we decided to share information with our Friends here in Benin Republic, as the North America University, and here are the courses being offered in the Houdegbe North American University, Benin, Cotonou.
Doctor Of Medicine and Pharmacy, and Nursing programs.
→ Sociology.
→ History,
→ Geography,
→ Psychology,
→ Philosophy.
→ Accounting,
→ Banking and Finance,
→ Business Administration,
→ Economics and Marketing.
→ Law (LLB).
→ Computer Science,
→ Computer Engineering Technology
→ Management Information System.
→ International Relations,
→ Political Science,
→ Public Administration.
→ Msc and MBA with Post Grad.
Below are the Fees for Doctor of Medicine and Pharmacy Programme in Houdegbe North American University.
Admission Fee → ­100,000 Frs CFA
Matriculation {New Student} →.20,00 ­00
Students Hand Book {New Student → 7,000
I.D. Card {Every Year}→ 3,000
Library Fees {Every Year} → 80,000
Laboratory Fee {1st and 2nd year} → 150,000
Laboratory and Practical {3rd and 6th year} → 300,000
Graduation Fee (Final Year) → 60,000
Tuition First Semester (1st and 2nd year) → 750,000
Tuition Second Semester (1st and 2nd year) → 750,000
Tuition First Semester (3rd to 6th year) → 1300,000
Tuition Second Semister {3rd to 6th year} → 1300,000
Tuition Whole Year {7th year} → 1300,000
Internship programs are to be taken in charge by students.
While Banking and Finance, For new students → 590,000 Frs CFA.
Note all the Fees are in Frs CFA, not in naira.
The Dailyschoolnews team wish all students the Best.


  1. Olatayo adewale oluropo

    I want to know if your institution offer post graduate diploma for students from nigeria with 3rd class. Thanks

    • Hello Olatayo adewale oluropo
      I do not know for certain if the Houdegbe North American University Cotonou, Benin are accepting post graduate diploma for students with £rd class, but for certain, they are accepting Nigerian Students

  2. obi ifeoma mary

    I will like to know the tuition fee for account in north american university houdegbe cotonou

  3. pls. I want 2 knw if instalmental payment is allowed.

  4. Mohammad Izzuddeen

    Please how should i start my application process as a freshman to the school’s faculty of medicine? how many years does it take to graduate? and also would you please kindly convert all the sum to Nigerian currency and let us all know how much it takes to study medicine there? and lastly please i hope there isn’t strike issues.
    My email is there. you can contact me.

  5. plss,how did i get d form….

  6. Do you offer mass communication and how much is the school form and fee for a starter

  7. Mohammad Izzuddeen

    please how should i begin my application process to the university in benin republic.

  8. ξℓ¹ƚę™ willson

    I will like to know how much is being paid as hostel fee and does the school provide meals for the student{hostel based} here is my b.b pin 323b3fcc. Thanks

  9. Pls wotz d school’s website or how does one get in touch with the admin?

  10. I have a daughter who loves to study Law. Kindly info me when admission commences and possible details for the admission pls.

  11. Can you pls tell me if they offer geology, how much is there fee and when are they taking in new students.

  12. Emenyonu Uchechukwu

    Pls send me Info of the fee to be paid for all science courses….I need it to decide

  13. Zakari Abdullahi

    Pls,I want to know the tuition fee 1st and 2nd semester in computer science

  14. Pls,is there Bsc nursing (degree nursing for undergraduate)in hnaub,if there is what are the requirement. And is hnaub accredited. Thanks pls reply me quickly

  15. Pls am interested knw full detail abt French and mass communication, like hw much it takes.

  16. Pls i want 2 knw if d school offer accounting as course nd there total fees in naira

  17. i want to no if banking and finance is offered in your institution and also the amount in naira the total cost of a fresh student and when will the new accademic session for the 2013\2014 session

  18. kindly mail me the total expenses for my twin children to study 1) mechanical engineering and 2) pharmacy in the university including all fees, accommodation, transportation, feeding, books etc. what are the study years for each of the two courses please?

  19. please can anyone just post the official site!!!!!!

  20. i have been on google all day and i cant seem to get the official site of the north American university,all the sites iv been directed to have been redirecting me to annoying blog sites please help me out with the official site i am interested in the computer engineering program………………………..any helpful info would be greatly appreciated THANKS

  21. christabel Anetor

    Please I want to know how much it cost to study pharmacy in total and how long it takes. Thanks

  22. what is the requirement for PGD in north america n the fees in naira please…

  23. wat r d procedure for applying a masters course and list of masters courses in d school finally we want to see the real amount in nigerian currency to no how much it cost exactly

  24. Pls wnt kw fee in naira for ‘biz adm’and were 2 get d form cos wana come over next week

  25. Please what is the tuition fee for computer engineering. And the breakdown

  26. hey, plz i want to knw d break down of fees for Psychology and Medicine for the years involved. Tnx

  27. Ajibade ismail

    I want 2 knw if i can study aeronautical engineering,n hw 2 get d form

  28. Sowemimo-Coker, D. A. Mrs

    please i want to make an enquiry about the admission into this North American University Cotonou, that want to study medicine in first degree I mean B.Sc holders which these following questions:-

    1. How I can go about the admission e.g. forms and where you can obtain it .
    2. money for form.
    3. how many year for this course.
    4. how much are they going to pay per semester.
    5. how far about the accomodation.
    6. how far about the security of the student.
    7.how far about the certificate is it genuinely accepted worldwide.
    thanks and i will expect your reply through e-mail

  29. Sowemimo-Coker, D. A. Mrs

    please kindly including your reply with list of the courses that you can offer in medicine. thank you.

  30. Kindly give me assurance that a law student will be admitted into LAW School in Nigeria after bagging law degree in this school.

  31. jibrin khalid zeedake

    Please I want to know if the certificate is gurante to give a job in countries like u.s.a,uk

  32. Pls I will like to knw hw much is the money 4 a start for midicine in naria and hw to get the appication form ,and to process it.and also the amount for midicine school fee every year

  33. Please kindly help me calculate the currency to naira for medicine

  34. Plssss my result is nt complete bt am bt to do gce can I obtain d form,I want to study accountancy I only have 2paper nw

  35. Pls i wnt to study nursing bh am havn pass in my maths…csn i still get d admission bfore i re write anither nxt year.pls reply as soon cus am eger to no my stand bfore is late

  36. as a fresh Law intake how much in Naira do i hav to pay….wen is d closing date for d sale of d forms…whre in Nigeria can i purchase d form pls……rili nid hlp


  38. Please I need help and assurance of applying for medicine.

  39. Hi, I’d like to find out if 3D Animation or VFX courses are available in the university. An email reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  40. I hv my mbbs result,do they accept transfer.

  41. am science student,i want to know the requirement and admission fees for mechanical engineering and the year for the course.also,pls help me to convert the fees to naira.thanks alot

  42. also,want to know the requirement and fees for medicine.please,help me to convert it to naira

  43. how much is the total sum of money to be paid for student studin medicine for the whole yr and admission fee all in nigeria currency

  44. Plz is de form stil on,nd hw can I get it in nigeria??#God bless

  45. Pls i want know d standard of educatn there

  46. les cours commencent quand cette année académique

  47. Nwadinobi christian

    please is the admission still open??? is the form still on sale?

  48. Hi,i ve gotten d form already ,i ld like to know when registration will close and when lectures will start fully

  49. I want 2 knw D tution fess of accounting cause I want 2 apply 4 it.

  50. how much is the total of all accounts of medicine……convert to Nigeria currency please this is my Facebook username zkhalifa hollayiwola yinzkid

  51. Divide whatever figures given to u in cfa by 3,then u ll get d actual amount in naira

  52. I need to know how to apply right now

  53. Sir.my nm is (umar a ado) from nigeria hw i can get d admition in to your univesty.

  54. Is hnaub benin running a postgraduate program.i am a lasu graduate ,I studied french education.I would like to run a postgraduate programme in italian language,I would like to ask about the tuition fees and if they accepting third class.

  55. i want to study accounting or economics please how much is the school fees and accomodation ?

  56. I want 2 study civil engineering in ANY UNIVERSITY IN COTONOU. IS IT POSSIBLE?

  57. I want 2 study civil engineering in ANY UNIVERSITY IN COTONOU. IS IT POSSIBLE? If so pls send an e-mail 2 me 2 confirm. My mail is bishopjosh20**@yahoo.com. Thank u sir!

  58. I would like to know when the north america university cotonou commence their 2014 admission,where should i obtain the form,pls kindly email me to nico.gerad**@gmail.com

  59. najib sadi danbala

    Pls health information management do you offer it there if yes wil offer me with lower credit hw money in 9ja currency

  60. Please i kindly need the tuition fee for computer science for the school, asap……….. thanks

  61. please to want to make enquiry about the admission in2 NAUC——medicine in first degree 2014.how many yrs for this course,how far about the certificate is it genunely accepted worldwide,nd how about the accomodation…plz email me

  62. Is this school accreditated by the goverment of benne?

  63. Dadikiye Gods power

    Pls does ds North American university Cotonou Benin, av any related courses in Petroleum or Gas Eng. for MSC.

  64. Pls I one to know if d vsity in bene offers civil engr at pgd level. Also d tuition, requirement and their application fom 4 2014 date

  65. Please what is the cost of studying political science and all I need to do



  67. i want to know if entry for master is closed for this year

  68. Pls,i want to know if architecture is offered in these university


    This is to inform the general public that the
    Houdegbe North American University Benin, Cotonou
    Admission form is still onsale.
    THe Houdegbe American University Admission Form
    can be purchase at rate of Five Thousand naira
    ALL interested aspirants that when going to get the
    form, go along with all your necessasry documents,
    e.g. WAEC/NECO results if you have the two. your
    school testimonial, birth certificate and also 5-8
    passport, etc.
    Below are the courses offered by the University
    *Doctor Of Medicine & Pharmacy, & Nursing
    *Banking & Finance,
    *Business Administration,
    *Economics &Marketing.
    *Law (LLB).
    *Computer Science,
    * Computer Engineering Technology *Management
    Information System.
    *International Relations,
    *Political Science,
    *Public Administration.
    *Msc and MBA with Post Grad.
    Note all the Fees are in Frs CFA, not in naira.( I franc
    to 0.32 naira)
    Admission Fee …………… …………… …………… ­
    100,000 Frs CFA
    Matriculation {New Student} …………… ……….20,00 ­
    Students Hand Book {New Student}……….. 7,000
    I.D. Card {Every Year} …………… …………… .. 3,000
    Library Fees {Every Year} …………… ……….. 80,000
    Laboratory Fee {1st & 2nd year}…………… ..150,000
    Laboratory & Practical {3rd & 6th year} …… 300,000
    Graduation Fee {Final Year} …………… …….. 60,000
    Tuition First Semester {1st & 2nd year} ….. 750,000
    Tuition Second Semester {1st & 2nd year} . 750,000
    Tuition First Semester {3rd to 6th year} ……
    Tuition Second Semister {3rd to 6th year} ..
    Tuition Whole Year {7th year} …………… ……
    Internship programs are to be taken in charge by
    Banking & Finance,For new students…….. 590,000
    Frs CFA
    Note all the Fees are in Frs CFA, not in naira……
    Admission is still on till april for another semester
    …Hurry nd make smart choices..

  70. Lonsy Paul Marafa

    I will like to apply for post graduate studies, how do I start?

  71. Duyile Elizabeth

    Do you offer Aeronautic Engineering Course or Mechanical Engineer? and the total fee for new student

    • We don’t have the current list of courses, but we have mailed the school official support centre, and very soon, we’ll publish the latest list of courses offered in Houdegbe North America University.

  72. Duyile Elizabeth

    Please is it only this Houdegbe North American University that is in Benin Republic if not, what are the names of the others?


  73. Ibrahimomokunmi Rahman

    Am a medical student in nigeria,I desire to seek transfer into your college of medicine pls how do I go about it.pls need your urgent reply

  74. Pls is law accredited & can law student from hnaub be admitted into law school in Nigeria. Is computer science also accredited? Pls l ll appreciate yr early response. Tnx

  75. Is the university late

  76. Am I late if I register on January

  77. Hi I want to no if North American university offers INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT).

  78. Am a nigerian, I want to know if your university offer medical microbiology at the masters level.i want to come in by january 2015

  79. pls i want 2 know if d school offer electrical an electronic engineer and d school fee 4 both computer engineering and elect elect

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