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JAMB 2013 EXPO: 2013/2014 English Literature JAMB SYLLABUS.


For candidates, Aspirants who are fervently waiting for the Jamb 2013 Examination date, they’re practically reading and praying seriously..

Well, this is for all Our Lovely Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers.
We promise to share with You, the JAMB 2013 EXPO without You spending a Dime!.

However, there’s going to be a price, and that is:

1.We’ll ONLY to sending it to Our FACEBOOK FANS

2.We’ll also be giving the JAMB 2013 EXPO it FREELY to Our Twitter Followers!
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However, to tell you how serious we’re, i’ll be giving out This LITERATURE IN ENGLISH JAMB 2013 EXPO here to everyone, including our Twitter and Facebook Fans.

Please Read This Africa Poetry to know What you’ll be seeing in the JAMB 2013 Examination Paper.

★. Unclad soles By Adeoti Gbemisola.
★. An African Thunderstorm BY D.Rubadiri
★. In the Navel of the Soul BY Kobena Eyi Acquah
★. Heritage of Liberation BY Masizi Kunene.
★. End of the War BY Okinba Launko.
★. Give me the Ministrel’s seat BY Traditional Poem.
★. To His Coy Mistress BY Andrew Marvell.
★. Bat BY D.H.Lawrence.
★. The Journey of the Magi BY T.S.Elliot
★. Sonnet BY Wendy Cope
★. Romeo & Juliet BY William Shakespeare.
★. Sons & Daughters BY Joe De Graft
★. The Joys of Motherhood BY Buchi Emecheta.
★. The Old Man and the Medal BY Ferdinand Oyono.
★. Nineteen Eighty Four BY George Orwell.

That’s it, This is the current Latest JAMB 2013 EXPO.

For Your Subjects, just comment here and we’ll update You via email.


  1. I need your help in the upcoming waec and neco examinations.thanks alot.

  2. All subject

  3. I wil b very hapy for the jamb ans. Esp eng math chen n phy.
    God bles u.

  4. the syllabus for literature is the same one for last year’s. is dat correct?

  5. @ Isodje52.

    Please ensure that you’ve join Our Facebook Page, Twitter and subscribe to Our Email Updates.
    We’ll surely Send the JAMB 2013 EXPO to you.

  6. Sure @ gideon.
    We’ll send the Answers to You before JAMB 2013 examination commence.

    and like we’ve advised, it’s only TO our Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers and email subscribers.

    Thanks for visiting.

  7. @ stephen.

    Oh yeah, it is, and some more books are added.

  8. can i get other subjects from you?

  9. emmanuel ebhohimhen

    Please i will need your help in jamb and waec and neco please. GOD will reward u in JESUS name amen

  10. Plz i nid math eng phy and chem 4 jamb. I wil b gr8ful if u do

  11. My subjects are English, physics, chemistry and biology.

  12. I wil b very hapy for the jamb ans. Esp eng, lit-ing, crs and gov. Thank u

  13. Helo…I’m ur facebook fan and i’m receivin ur jamb 2013 update frequently and i’ll b writin jamb 2013. Pls i’ll need ur help, my subjects are Eng Lang. Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Tanks…..

  14. Pls i need ur help in my jamb 2013, english, literature, government, crk.


    thanks so much, in fact , we really appreciate your efforts. Pls, can you kindly help me send the jamb syllabus for CRK and English Language. thanks in anticipation

  16. Pls i nid the answer’s for english,literature,govt and c.r.k in this 2013/2014 jamb exam

  17. pls i need ur help in jamb and waec. 10s

  18. i need jamb question and answer for 2013.pls can u help me on that?

    pls help me on this o.

  19. Please i need help in JAMB in the following subjects… ENGLISH, LITERATURE, ECONOMICS and GOVERNMENT.. my email is Okpellemanzy@yahoo.com thanx

  20. Babatunde Ogunbanwo

    Pls I need, Government, C.R.S, and English Syllabus. Thank You.

  21. Pls I need help in jamb diz year my required subject are; eng, literature, econs and govt

  22. Pls am a fb fan, I nid ur help in jamb my subjects are maths, eng, govt, econs. Pls thanks alot

  23. I need math, literatur govt and english

  24. Pls i really need your help…..in my jamb…i will be greatful if u can help…

  25. pls what is the cut-off mark for a law student

  26. pls the books on sale for 2013/14 literature is not related to the jamb syllabus .what do we do?

  27. @ the following friends…

    Just ensure that You become a fans on our facebook fanpage and follow us on twitter.

    Thanks alot Friends….

  28. Pls i nid eng,phy,chem nd bio in ds upcoming jamb 2013/2014.Tanks n God bless……

  29. Pls my jamb subjects are english,govt,lit in eng,c r s. Pls update me on facebook. Thanks.

  30. plz i dnt hav diz yr’s jamb syllabus, i dnt knw if u guyz can post it onlyn. My email is clementayo@gmail.com

    Heres the link to get the Jamb 2013 Syllabus

  31. I’ll need help in jamb….c.r.s, english, gov’t & literature. Then in waec….maths, english, biology, gov’t, account, geography & commerce. Thanks alot for this opportunity & i pray we don’t regret it by trusting you….God bless you.

  32. I am reading but no body is perfect dats why i need help in c.r.s, english, gov’t & literature for jamb 2013 then english, maths, biology, account, gov’t, geography & commerce in waec…..thanks & remain blessed

  33. Alao Gbemisola Rosheedat

    Pls i need English,Government,Crk and Yoruba in this coming jamb may God help You too

  34. Pls help me. Can English Govt. Crk commerce be use as a combination in jamb or in any univesity course?. Pls i need reply.

  35. Pls i need literature,English,Government,Crk

  36. Pls i jst need syllabus for english, govt, economics and literature

  37. Wealth chamberlain

    I need jamb answer in lit,govt,english,crk pls i really do need ur help tnx nd God bless

  38. Pls i need ur help on litereture/government/CRK and Eglish pls for the upcoming jamb

  39. Pls i nees ur help on litereture/government/CRK and Eglish pls for the upcoming jamb

  40. Oluwafemi Emmanuel

    Pls I need help in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry

  41. Oluwafemi Emmanuel

    Pls I need help on maths, chemistry and biology

  42. Pls……………am in nid of jamb runz which ar english, math, economic nd commerce. tnx u

  43. Pls i need maths,English,Economics and Govt jamb 2013/2014 Answers. God bless you all for your help

  44. Pls sir am studing but incase of necessity that’s why i need help on maths,English,Econonomics and Govt. Tanks for your help in anticipation

  45. Christian nwafor

    Gud morning pls i need eng econs commerce and lit 07033135*** is my number. .

    • Just like we’ve always been saying, you need to follow us on facebook by LIKING our page and follow us on twitter.

      Because we won’t be sharing the expo on our blog, but on Our social Network profiles.

  46. Christian nwafor

    Pls i need eng econs commerce and lit

  47. Odeyemi temitope

    dis one is for last year, pls send me dis year own. tks

  48. Odeyemi monisola

    This one is last year own, pls send me dis year own tks

  49. Pls help me,i am writing English,Maths,Physics,Chemistry and my number is 08075133459

  50. Adeleke oluwaseun

    pls i need jamb 2013/2014 syllabus for literature, english, crk and government

  51. Please i need english,literature,government and crk for jamb thks.

  52. can u provide jamb expo 4 me b4 d exam start

  53. Pls, i need Government, Literature, C R K and English. Thanks. . . . .

  54. jamb 2013 questions and answers available.to get them,call jamb direct on-081009*****

  55. Pls i need Expo in my jamb

  56. Please i need jamb 2013 syllabus, on english,literature,government and crs

  57. plz i need literature obj economics obj nd goverment obj

  58. I we be happy if you can help me on jamb2013/2014..this is my subject math,english,lit,in,english nd govenment

  59. I ned ur hlp 2014/2015 jamb utme my ned r govt,economic,literature. As u do so God wl bless u amen

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