19 Year Old Student Kidnapped Brother For 10 Million Naira

What is the definition of a bad brother?
It is having a 19year old brother, who arranges your kidnap and ask for ransom, with the help of his evil friends!

LATEST information reaching our news desk today, is that a 19 year old student has been arrested for kidnapping his 3-yr-old sibling, and this happened in Bauchi State, Nigeria.

THE nineteen (19) year old student, who is currently studying Accountancy in the Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi, whose name is Salisu Salmanu, has been arrested after he connived with seven of his other friends to kidnap his three-year-old step-brother, at Kofar Idi area of the Bauchi State.

When he caught, right in the crime scene, and while making his confession to the police, the 19 year old disclosed to the Police, said he wanted to use the N10 million ransom his gang demanded from his father to buy a car.

(A car? Some people are not even feeding well, not having three square meal a day! But here you are, planning to buy a car! Please, choose your friends well!)

The other seven others who were also paraded alongside Salmanu at the state Police Command Headquarters were his friends and gang members, namely:

1. Imrana Abdullahi (17),
2. Abdullahi Mohammed (19)
3. Umar Musa (19).

The suspect, Salmanu lamented his involvement in the crime, disclosing that both greed and selfishness are the very reason why he decided to kidnap his brother!

We also decided to dig into his family backgroud, and we discovered that his father, Salmanu Mohammed, who is the elder brother to the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Bala Mohammed, had been taking good care of him and providing everything for him, everything anyone needs to stay in school and study hard! The suspect even said so himself, in his statement.

Here is his exact words, and we quote him below:

“Initially, when we planned the kidnap, I was advised that if we succeeded in getting N10 million, we would use the money we got from the kidnapping and buy a car and also have money left to spend around, partying, clubbing and other things young boys of our caliber used it for.

I know that if I demanded such money from my father, like the N10 Million Naira, he would blatantly refuse me the money, giving excuses like, he has three wives to feed, have other children to cater for.

So, after putting all these in consideration, i decided to planned with my friends to kidnap my step-brother, who is three years old, with the intention that my friends would call him and demand for ransom, after which I would collect my own share if paid by my father.

The truth is that my father meets my needs. He pays my school fees and every other thing I need. It is just my insatiable urge of greed and selfishness, which satan put in my heart and the hearts of my friends that led us into doing this.”

Please share this information! Let this message go viral, because some people are NEVER satisfied with what they have!

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